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05.05.2014 00:45
Articles about real estate |  «Legitimate» blackmail under section apartments Very often divorce entails and property division. Not all men leave the apartment his ex-wife, even if there is a common children. On the one hand, you can understand it: the same person should live somewhere. But it happens that a person has a place to live, but on its own, once relatives, people he wants to just make money. Just such a situation has developed in the same family.

Once upon a time ex-wife and ex-husband met, fell in love and got married. They , like all of us have dreamed all my life to live together , both in sorrow and in joy. They had three children , they are really well lived together for nearly thirty years . During this time they received from the state two-bedroom apartment on the first floor of a panel seventeen- house in a remote residential area , then privatize it , and grown and learned about children.

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But then life presented a surprise . Husband in one of the social networks found his first love, which by that time was lonely . He suffered torment and agony of choice decided to leave the family. It is worth noting that it was far away , there was a separate apartment . Not own , of course, but not without a roof over his head. Yes , and the former wife and children did not claim that the apartment belonged exclusively to them . The man was registered there , and nobody tried to discharge him .

However, four years later, ex-husband decided through the courts to allocate a share . Naturally, the court granted this request , and he became the official owner of one -fifth of the apartment. After that, the ex-wife received a letter in which it officially made ​​known that the one-fifth share is sold for three million rubles. And she was given one month to redeem , and otherwise , in her apartment legally could appear completely stranger . Note that month - a very small period of time to an ordinary family could find as many as three million. And how to find just do not succeed, you'll need to arrange a loan . And even now give consumer loans quickly enough , but still is usually a smaller amount. But one month in question share repurchase provided by the state. If equity owners during this period is not redeemed share for the proposed amount , it can legitimately buy any other buyer .

Certainly, it is a shame when people want once the favorite for children and you earn . Why earn? And it can be seen from the evaluation lobe. Three million in the market it does not worth it.
Three million - clearly overestimated ! However, the law does not prohibit selling their property for the desired price , and if there is hope , that this share can be sold and five million. At first glance, it seems unlikely that this proposal will entice someone . And if this share will be sold at a price below the requested three million , according to the law ex-husband again must first offer it to the rest of the apartment owners for ransom. One can hope that this will be a natural by adequate price and will meet the market. But no one did not cancel the fact of fraud : you can sell and for much less money , but the price will be listed securities overstated . Lawyer Oleg Sukhov notes that prove the fact that the sale of shares at a lower cost to the owners have left , to abandon the purchase for so much money. Practice shows that the actual undervaluation prove virtually impossible.

In this case there are only two ways . First - try to talk to her ex-husband on the establishment of an adequate price. Average first determine the market value of this share by contacting evaluators . Perhaps seeing reasoned arguments , the former husband and go back down , although hard to believe in it with difficulty . Second - talk to a lawyer . And everything will depend on its legal literacy and experience , as there is no universal solution to this problem . Unfortunately , the obvious is the fact that all this apparent blackmail former spouse is entirely legitimate !
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