In Kiev lzhegeneral deceived home buyers by 30 million USD

20.01.2014 00:15
Articles about real estate |  In Kiev lzhegeneral deceived home buyers by 30 million USD In Kiev, 50-year-old fraudster who represent general and Hero of the Soviet Union and selling old houses at the hem, was sentenced to 11 years in prison. As "Vesti " fraudster managed to deceive Swiss , Cypriot and Ukrainian company 32 million hryvnia . " Filed false information that his firm won an investment tender renovation of five buildings . Found firms ready to buy them ," - said in the register of judgments.

All homes are located in the historic part of hem . This two-storey building on the street. Vvedenskoj , 25, str . Yaroslavl , 20 ( then located metro police department ) , the house on the upper shaft 32 , where the first floor is a branch of the Ministry of Justice registration service . Were also building on the street . Voloska , 5/14 and st. Constantinian , 21 ( listed as cultural heritage Culture Ministry ) as well as a three-story vacant building on the street. Schekavitska , 19/ 33, opposite the cinema "Zhovten" .

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"The General" loved to show off in front of the familiar order of Lenin and medal "Gold Star" . This allowed him to get an apartment in Kiev and not pay for utilities.
Militiamen found that the man did not get the award . Court scammer explained that he received the title of Hero for performing secret tasks.
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