In Greece, there were apartments at symbolic prices

17.12.2013 00:45
Articles about real estate |  In Greece, there were apartments at symbolic prices Rising property taxes in Greece forced the owners to part with objects almost for nothing. In Athens, for small apartments are often asked just € 10-15 thousand. Over the past few years , the Greek government is seriously increased the tax burden on local real estate owners . In 2014, the budget must reach € 3,8 billion and it is eight times more than in 2009. Then property taxes brought to the treasury only € 500 million A new property tax, which will come into force from January 1, 2014 , will make homeownership even more costly , writes

During the last few weeks the number of ads apartments at very low prices rose significantly . This is due to the fact that such property has always been difficult to find buyers , but today it is almost unreal. The most common suggestions here - this two-bedroom apartment in the cheapest areas of Athens , as well as facilities on the first floor .

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Even at very attractive offers virtually no demand . A recent survey of the Bank of Greece has shown that the average waiting period for the sale of real estate is 10 months . The difference between the asking price and the selling price is 20%.
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