The worst real estate market in the world in 2013 - in Greece

10.12.2013 00:45
Articles about real estate |  In Greece, the worst situation in the property market Greece became a country in which it was the worst situation in the property market in 2013. According to the company Colordarcy, the country expects a further decline in housing prices.
Nevertheless , analysts say that the market , as well as other named among the worst , carries a great potential for further growth, as reached the bottom.

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In second place in the ranking of the worst real estate markets of the world was Hungary . In 2013, housing prices in the country fell by 8.2%. It is reported portal OPP Connect. The third position in the list of "losers" took Spain , where prices fell by 7.6 % over the last year .

According to the company Colordarcy, in this country continue to decline in price . Fourth place analysts gave Croatia, where house prices fell in 2013 by 5.5%. In fifth place ranking is located in Italy, where the cost of real estate in 2012 decreased by 5.1%. Earlier it was reported that the property market will experience hard times for another 2-3 years .
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