In Europe counted 11 million empty houses

05.03.2014 00:00
Articles about real estate |  In Europe counted 11 million empty houses According to the newspaper The Guardian, leaders in the number of vacant homes are Spain (3.4 million objects), Italy (2-2.7 million), France (2.4 million) and Germany (1.8 million). A large number of unoccupied buildings are also recorded in Portugal and the UK ( 735 and 700 thousand , respectively).

According to calculations of the organization Empty Homes, homeless people in Europe are now considered 4.1 million people. Thus, abandoned houses nearly three times compensate the need for housing .

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A significant portion of vacant houses built during the pre-crisis construction boom and never inhabited . Typically, they are located in the popular resort areas and are owned by private investors are buying them for resale.

Earlier, The Guardian reported that Bishop Avenue in London, which is due to the high price of housing is called " street billionaires ", about a third of abandoned houses. The total cost of these objects more than 350 million pounds .
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