How to take an apartment in a new building

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Articles about real estate |  How to take an apartment in a new building Purchase of a new apartment - it is always a holiday. A move to the newly built house, usually causes a very special feeling. However, poor quality finish apartments and various technical flaws can permanently darken the joy housewarming . And most worryingly, if you sign documents in a hurry to receive the property without checking the quality of work , eliminate developer committed blunders like crooked doors or uneven walls have their own.
The main problems of housing in new

Finishing shortcomings apartments in new buildings are so common that if you read the forums where sharecroppers share with each other bitter experience , you can make a rating. More often than not cause censures rough walls and ceilings , bad screed , glazing of balconies and loggias , problems with the electrical supply system , sewage and plumbing.

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Many of these violations to determine the " rule of thumb" is simply impossible , so going on a future housing inspection , taking the necessary equipment . First of all you may need to plumb the building level , tape measure , flashlight ( to remove the meter readings ) , match or lighter ( useful to ignite gas), light and powerful electrical device ( to check the mains ) , a pen and paper . The table below lists the most common flaws developers grouped by stage finishes.

common Problems

Floor, wall , ceiling

The floor, walls and ceiling must be flat and without obvious defects ( cracks, lapping solution). To check the deviation from the vertical walls , use a plumb. For brick houses , the maximum permissible deviation is 5 mm, 15 mm monolithic . Check the quality of the concrete floor screed can be tapped on it : the sound should be dull and uniform throughout the apartment. When viewed from the ceiling note how it smooth and check for leaks .

The walls in this apartment should be plastered or oshpatlevany for final finishing. The main requirements for surface finish - no cracks or sagging mounds . Tolerance of the vertical walls - about 3 mm. Ceiling must be at least prepared for subsequent staining , ie treated filler and primer.

For this type of wall finish must be papered or painted. In the first case, make sure there are no air bubbles and lagging cloths in the second - to check the quality of painting ( coating should be uniform , without stains and peeling ) . Pay attention to the flooring : it should be visually smooth. If used in the finishing of laminate flooring , make sure that no voids underneath and plates themselves are free from defects . The main problems with linoleum floors are swelling and blisters .

Windows and balconies

Use a level to check exactly whether the double-glazed windows and window sills . Also make sure there are no cracks on the glass and health accessories ( handles , hinges , closures ) . Check how freely open and close the flap.


Inspect the opening switchboard : it must be installed counter, automatic opening , RCD ( residual current device ) , automatic feeding sockets, switches and electric stove . To verify that the network can withstand the load , use the device with a high -power (eg , hole puncher)

Make sure you have cables for the installation of sockets and switches . If electroaccessories already installed , check its serviceability .

With borne appliance test sockets, check the breakers . If the apartment is already installed lights , try to screw in a light bulb .

Water and plumbing

Pay attention to the water and sewage risers : they must be installed vertically and secured special collars. Be sure to check the water pressure and the condition of the cranes . Inspect sewer risers : their height from the floor to the bottom of the not exceed 5-6 cm

The apartment Predchistovaya finish can be lined with plumbing fixtures . In this case, check the quality of its installation. Verify tightness of joints sewer pipes , lack of moisture underneath .

In addition to the listed side note , if sealed gap between the tub and the wall , as well as tees and joints drains. If these works are not carried out in dwellings can penetrate sewer smell .


In the apartment building are most often installed temporary door , which then have to change . Therefore, the main attention to the doorways : they must be strictly vertical and have the same width at top and bottom . Minimum height - 210-212 cm If you do not meet this requirement, after installing the floor standard doors can not fit through the opening.

The apartment Predchistovaya finish might already be installed metal door . Pay attention to the quality of its hardware ( handles, locks) . Furthermore, on the outer surface of the door should not defects, and it should be opened easily and quietly.

In addition to the front door of the apartment "turnkey" pay attention to the interior . The most common defect - improper tension loops ( when the door end rests in a box ) . In the half-opened door should not be opened or closed independently . Do not forget to look trims they should fit snugly to the walls and the door frame and be equally gash from all sides.

During the inspection of the apartment do not forget to remove the meter readings for water and electricity and record numbers of meters themselves . These data will be useful in obtaining passports for counters to make sure that you have given it your documents appliances. Be sure to ask the builder electrical wiring plan , which he is required to provide in accordance with the requirements of SNIP . If you do not receive the document in a timely manner , it will have to pay for the preparation of their own pockets.

Take can not be corrected

Once you become familiar with their new housing is expected to sign the act of reception and transmission of the apartment. However, in no case should not do this in a hurry : by signing , you agree that the obligations of the developer made ​​. Do not be afraid to ask questions and point to possible shortcomings . Of course, the claim to the choice of finishing materials and your aesthetic preferences are unlikely to be taken into account. However, to take an apartment with apparent violations is not worth it . If problems still identified, further development depends on how serious they are .

By law, the interest holders ( unless otherwise specified in the contract ) has the right to choose one of the following bug fixes :

gratuitous elimination of defects by the developer within a reasonable time ;
proportionate reduction of the contract price ;
reimbursement of their expenses to correct deficiencies .

If the work of builders found significant violations, to take such property should not be . By law, participatory construction is entitled to refuse to sign the deed of transfer to the developer execution obligations in full . In this case you need to fix all the flaws and construction company to send written notice of deficiencies . They have to be eliminated by one of the above methods.

If the developer does not agree with the objectivity of the claim , you have to use the services of an independent examination. From its results , if unable to resolve the situation peacefully , bude can go to court to obtain compensation for substandard housing . If your would-be builders of success will also be required to pay the costs of the examination and other legal costs.
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