How to secure a vacant apartment?

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Articles about real estate |  How to secure a vacant apartment? Everyone wants to believe that his house - an impregnable fortress, where never happen troubles and disasters. Whenever you travel , the person turns the key in the lock in the hope that all will return to their places. Do not be so arrogant careless - with your departure time at the apartment door does not stop! Even innocent departure weekend involve a risk that no one can guarantee that in the absence of the owner of the house will not break the pipe. And if the owner leaves their homes for the long term , new unforeseen danger . Do not forget your family home - it is also a valuable property that under unfavorable circumstances can be a tempting target for scammers. This does not mean that gangs are on duty around the clock intruders under your balcony , but experience shows that criminals are perfectly able to calculate the properties of thousands of vacant apartments in high-rise buildings . Why do you need the extra excitement ? Better to take care of how to secure an apartment in case of a long out .

What apartments at risk

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The swindlers who crank scam vacant housing has its own methods of collecting information and identifying potential sites for profit. Calculate the daily life of the real estate owners is not so difficult : fraud scam angling information from representatives of the housing department , social workers , local doctors , neighbors and acquaintances . Next, make sure that the apartment is empty , it remains a matter of technique : this is indicated by the absence of light in the windows in the evenings , the state electricity and mailboxes full of correspondence.

The landlord on a business trip

Primarily interested criminals apartments whose owners moved to relocate to another country to work in shifts for hundreds of miles from home or often disappear on long trips. Often , such housing is vacant for months and even years. Not all owners who go far and long , ready to pass the real estate tenants . Some people have a prejudice against strangers in the house. And in certain cases , for example, for a period of less than six months , renting simply impractical - too much hassle.

All went to the cottage

At risk are often gardeners and people who are moving into the summer vacation homes . Officially, they do not leave their apartments and regularly come pay slips and water the flowers , but in fact most of the time property is unattended.

The home team is in no hurry to move into a new building

The most convenient objects for Scams considered apartments in high-rise buildings with large porches and lots of neighbors in the stairwell in such dwellings residents are rarely familiar with each other and do not become alarmed because of unfamiliar faces. For the same reason the scammers are actively interested in building: immediately after putting the house , many porches still remain unoccupied for some time and can freely enter the apartment without attracting any attention . Particularly at risk are people who have bought apartments for investment , but do not pass the property to tenants and rarely check their homes . In addition, just handed apartments easier to forge legal documents .
Common types of fraud vacant housing

Landlords should know : to sell or rent someone else's apartment is much easier than it sounds . In most cases, the scammers operate forged documents : right-establishing trading property and powers of attorney. The secret of success of such criminal schemes - fast . Deft scammers manage to crank out all transactions with fake papers, showing apartments and real estate transaction for a month. The hosts did not have time to recover, and the ownership of the home has an apartment must be restored through the courts.

Fraud with rental

Scam with the delivery of another's apartment for rent - not the most lucrative form of criminal business , but very light. Fraudster gets in the chosen apartment , change the locks and forge legal documents . Special painstaking it does not require " phony " certificate of ownership often simply printed on a color printer and laminated or give these documents for photocopying . Many tenants blithely about the issue of the lease - do not believe in bravery "owners" of the original apartment market. While cheating is not revealed, a fake " landlord " time to get a deposit and rent for a few months . In addition , in the summer , while the hosts in the country, easily take an empty apartment for rent.

Fraud with the sale of second homes

Illegal sale of apartments generally follows the same pattern as the rent . Sometimes in this operation involved bogus " realtors " , which seemed to accidentally find a suitable option for gullible customers and take on the "Checkout " documents. Paper in the event of a sale " draw " more carefully , often scammers trying to crank out a deal on a fake power of attorney on behalf of the real owners . Such a scheme could work even with an experienced and honest real estate agent, if in the hands of criminals were the original documents to the apartment. Indirect sign of a scam - greatly underestimated the price of real estate , because you need to crank scams operation as quickly as possible . As a result, the present owners of the apartment have to go through a trial , regaining the right to housing , and will be affected both parties : the owner, and the new "buyer" .

Fraud apartment in new building

The most common type of fraud with the sale of another property - assigning apartments in the primary market. To do this, criminals use fake court decision , where you can register ownership in the building and hand it in and get Rosreestr necessary documents for resale . The fact that a judicial act can be made literally "on the knee " - printed on your home printer. Unlike the title documents for housing , this paper has no watermarks or other features.

Buyers of apartments worth more attentive to the pitfalls of real estate transactions . In particular, the legitimacy of the judicial act on the building can be specified directly in court.

Precautions prudent owner

As practice shows - half the success depends on the fraudsters themselves carelessness owners . Many people do not take even the simplest precautions : go for a few weeks or months , without closing the window, do not change the locks when keys are lost . And some do it consciously by the principle: " I am not afraid of thieves , I take nothing ."

Here are some simple steps that will allow owners of property to sleep peacefully for many miles away from home :

Put the alarm on sale

Modern security alarm systems include sensors for all occasions . They will protect your home from intruders , warn about the fire or leaking . In case of emergency situation is capable of rapid response team to arrive at the place almost instantly - an average of 5-7 minutes in Kiev. If you do not consider it necessary to put the apartment on the security in everyday life , take advantage of this service during the long absence , when there is no one to look after your accommodation.

Keep legal documents in a safe place

Fair share of deals with the sale of property goes like clockwork , because the owners leave the apartment all the documents for real estate. When a hand is a cheater original ownership of the apartment , he can only forge a power of attorney and publish a classified ad. Therefore, realtors and lawyers are advised to keep important papers in a safe deposit box or with your attorney.

alert neighbors

Curious neighbor able to protect your apartment is not worse watchdog . Long departure - as is the case when the home " vice squad " will only benefit you . Warn your neighbors about how long you will not , and who can come to the apartment during this period (say, you handed over the keys to someone from relatives) . Be sure to leave a cell phone for emergency communications .

Make it a rule - do not leave the property "at random" for a long time out . Is always the possibility that scammers will put it on the eyes of your apartment . And if that happens , it is better to rely on the work of security systems , and not to help the brownie .
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