How to buy a vacation home?

19.01.2020 01:00
Buying a country house - a dream for many. However, it is always associated with certain risks. How can competently buy a house? Currently almost any construction is not controlled by the state , mostly private initiative . All risks are borne by investors and developers, who often give rise to protracted , defrauded investors and bankrupt developers. However, when buying a can and protect yourself . How to do it ? Tips gives lawyer Oleg Sukhov, president of the Guild of Lawyers Real Estate Market .

construction projects

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Oleg Sukhov recommends primarily pay attention to the presence of construction projects, which must be agreed with the local authorities . First, it is a project of cottage village with all communications, driveways , parking lots , water and gas distribution stations , electrical substations , water, gas and sewerage. Second, there should be agreed upon and approved a draft of the house which you are buying.

The land question

Buying a country cottage and land need to be concerned , because with this purchase you make two transactions : buying land and building purchase . The ideal option is when the land is owned by the developer, but this is not common . Practice shows that most land is owned by one person , but the construction is different. That's why Oleg Sukhov advises before signing a contract with the developer to buy back the land from its owner. This will avoid problems in the future . Because sometimes preclude the construction of a land owner . Classic example - the case in 2005 with the company CT "Social Initiative" . This company had no rights to land, with the result that customers have not received their paid holiday .

In addition, often the land is federal or municipal . This can lead to what one official construction permit , the developer will begin to build the village , but during that time will come to power another official who cancel all orders predecessors. Amidst all this , and it may be a building permit is your village . Every major city knows these stories .

That is why before buying the land should consider: ensure correct category , no encumbrances, ensure the ownership of the owner.


The company, which will build your home also requires study. Certainly, it is necessary to buy housing on the equity contract , which corresponds to the Federal Law № 214. However, not every company in the country market works under this scheme. Lack of PO increases the risks of double sales. That is why you should first gather complete information about the builder . Check out all the permits and legal documents : local orders granting the right to build, investment contracts , project documentation , conclusions Gosexpertiza , regulatory approvals , etc. In addition, study the history of the developer : whether there are similar projects , he realized their how to overcome the crisis . This will help to make a conclusion about its reliability . In favor of the developer says and availability of mortgages in large commercial banks.

Agreement with the developer

Before you sign a contract and pay the money , you need to learn it . The document clearly must be registered to construction - house . Should also be spelled out the cost of building and that the price can not be changed . In addition , it is necessary to prescribe the construction time and schedule . Must be annexed to the Treaty which are unambiguous , without equivocation characteristics of the building , building materials, procurement procedures and the quality of construction materials , dimensions, interior decoration, types of communications that are brought to the house , the order of protection building sites etc. Pay attention at the location where , if necessary, will have to go to court.

Before you pay

Before the immediate payment , make sure that you pay the proper person . Firms with the same or similar names a lot, so there is always a risk of transmission of funds is not the same organization. This , though rarely, but still happens . Cottage should pay only by bank transfer . Otherwise there is a chance that you can get cash , the developer does not hold them in accounting. In this case you will not be able to prove in court the fact of payment and as a result find yourself without money , and without the cottage.

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