Hero of the reality show «The Bachelor» owns a construction company in Los Angeles

28.04.2014 01:00
Articles about real estate |  Hero of the reality show «The Bachelor» owns a construction company in Los Angeles Hero of the second season of the reality show "The Bachelor" on TNT - Maxim Cherniavsky - positioned as the owner of one of the largest construction companies in Los Angeles, which has branches throughout the world. However, as it became known Heat.ru, the hero of the " Bachelor " is not a millionaire, but an ordinary young man who even experiencing some financial difficulties.

Grandma Hero program - Marina Chernjavskaja is the owner of hypermarkets " Maxi" , really helped launch the first grandson of a development project , but construction business stalled after three months.

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However , Chernyavskii managed to acquire real estate in Kiev and Los Angeles .

Name of a real company Cherniavskii - Monaco Development. Site the firm does not exist, there is only a page " Facebook ", which has not been updated for over a year . At the address specified in the social network , there is a private country house , not an office building empire writes Heat.ru.

Press office of the channel has not confirmed the information about the financial problems of Maxim .

Grandmother Maxima Cherniavskii not intervene in the financial affairs of the grandson of the moment when he was 20 , he founded his own company and developed himself , moreover, his firm has not suffered any failures and successfully developed , I'm sure the creative producer of the show " The Bachelor " Catherine Kostyukova .

" After gathering all possible information about what Maxim man and his financial success , we decided to invite him to participate in the project . Money - not important, but , fortunately , he enough of them to provide for themselves , his family and his future wife . Having two houses in Los Angeles , the land in West Hollywood and its own fleet gives reasonable justification for a general understanding of its financial well-being , "- said Kostyukova .
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