Foreigners best live in China, Germany and Singapore

26.12.2013 01:15
Articles about real estate |  Foreigners best live in China, Germany and Singapore HSBC Bank published a ranking of the best countries for foreigners. The study is based on the views of 7,000 respondents in 37 countries. Data reflect three factors: the economy, personal comfort and parenting. Top countries and territories for foreigners
These HSBC ( 2013 )

1 China

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2 Germany
3 Singapore
4 Cayman Islands
5 Australia
6 Canada
7 Russia
Belgium 8
10 Hong Kong

Country in which foreigners working and living better , named China . The main advantages of China - a rapidly growing economy, high wages for skilled workers and low living costs . Among respondents in China, 46% - Americans , 20% - the British, 8% - the citizens of Hong Kong and 3% - Russians .

Best country to raise children is recognized in Germany, where education , child health and infrastructure for toddlers are at a high level. 58 % of foreigners living in the home of Goethe and Schiller , note that the quality of school education is better here than in their home countries . In addition, Germany has taken the third place in the ranking of countries with the lowest visa restrictions .

The crime rate in Singapore - one of the lowest in the world. It is not surprising that the country is considered the safest for the education of children , as noted by 86 % of respondents. Children alone walk the streets at any time of the day , and parents with no reason to worry. Besides Germany and Singapore, the top five countries for raising children includes France , New Zealand and South Africa.

Cayman Islands, located on the fourth place in the overall rankings , topped the rankings of private assessors fast assimilation of foreigners and convenience of transport infrastructure. It is also the most friendly place in the world : 80% of respondents believe that the Cayman Islands is easy to make friends . In addition, this archipelago took fifth place in the list of countries and territories with the best economies ahead of him only Switzerland , China , Qatar and Thailand .

European countries are among the most expensive for foreigners. Rating living expenses they occupy the lower line : France - 32 th , United Kingdom - 33rd , Italy - 34th , The Netherlands - 35th , Ireland - 37th place .

According to the interviewed foreigners , Russia offers a good infrastructure of entertainment , quality education for children and acceptable working conditions . Overall rating of our country took seventh place.


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