For Crimean property lessors introduced a single tax

04.05.2014 01:00
Articles about real estate |  For Crimean property lessors introduced a single tax Inhabitants of Crimea now for providing a private estate for rent to tourists are now required to pay taxes. Its rate is from 12 to 20 rubles, depending on the area of ​​the premises, told "Interfax" referring to the decision of the State Council of the Republic. According to the decision taken by the State Council deputies at an extraordinary plenary session on Wednesday, for the issue of a patent right are those who pass no more than 29 beds for short-term accommodation .

Amount bid for the patent will be 12 rubles per square meter per month , provided that the total area of ​​housing does not exceed 50 square meters. The apartments are larger area to rise to 20 rubles .

The document states that the taxpayers will be exempt from patent tourist tax .

Pat will need to pay quarterly in the form of personal income tax. While landlords exempt from tourist tax , which currently stands at 1% of the cost of living.

According to projected figures , the introduction of a single patent in 2014 budget will bring the region an additional 60 million rubles.
In the State Council believe that the introduction of this measure will allow to supplement the budget by 60 million rubles in the current year .
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