Ecological aspect of selecting the direction for building a house

29.04.2014 00:30
Articles about real estate |  Ecological aspect of selecting the direction for building a house Today, going to buy a house in the country or to order the construction of the house, the settlers put forward a long list of wishes for the future place of residence. The first in the list of items are usually " quiet place ", " healthy atmosphere ", " close to nature ." In the Kiev region , there are places that meet all these requirements , but to find them have pokorpet over the map .

Going to buy a house near Kiev , including actively under construction in the cottage , try to avoid all of the following environmentally problematic areas .

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1. Areas with strong anthropogenic pressure . Choosing between city and countryside , environmentalists unequivocally vote for the village. In large settlements often worn communication fail in their functions. Therefore about clean water, no sewage talk about security is no longer necessary . Let me give advice when choosing to buy a house , focuses not on the official status of locality ( city , town , village) , and the actual population density . Ideal - this small cottage towns , where there is a private well ( and therefore more pure water) , closed territory and remoteness from large settlements ( less noise pollution ) .

2 . Towns and villages immediately adjacent to major highways . For good road access can not pay health. Convenient location will not be happy if I have to live in constant noise and clock breathe dust and automobile exhausts . In addition, the land along the tracks for many years quite soaked with harmful substances , including lead and petroleum products. Of cottage townships is to choose those that are located at least a kilometer away from the highway .

3 . Industrial areas , place of export of industrial and household waste. If the industrial zone and authorized shlakonakopiteli can be seen on maps , the disaster of landfills not know in any way, except to explore the area personally . This problem is trying to fight , but so far only authorized landfills take in more than 200 hectares and accounts for much illegal - we can only guess .

Examining the main areas of country building , you can see that each of them its own set of inherent environmental hazards . We list the main ones .

Brovary . The area is characterized a large number of industrial waste storage . Here are concentrated dispose factories and enterprises , processing recyclable materials . Not to miscalculate with a choice , the best pre- an ecological examination of the future where to buy a home .

Boryspil direction . Among the places to settle near which is undesirable , it is possible to mention industrial area " Bortnychi " on the border with Kiev. There felt closeness silt fields Bortnicheskoy WWTP incinerator and "Energy" . Better to drive further along the route Borispol - where you can find villages , followed by historically entrenched status of the spa zone. On environmental clean the area once again show the children's summer camp and recreation .

Eliminating settlements, directly adjacent to the highway Kyiv - Kharkiv, will see plenty of quiet and clean place for your comfortable future and the opportunity to buy the house back from the road .

Construction of houses on the left bank is well under way in the vicinity of the village of Cherry . These places can be attributed with certainty to clean . Closely adjacent to the plantation home , distance from busy routes , underground water, not contaminated by industrial waste - all these factors contribute to a healthy life.

Southern direction . On the south side surround Kiev as industrial sites and landfills , so choose a place to live to be careful not to fall in the " kill zone ." The most dangerous objects are considered solid waste landfill number between 5 and villages Krenichi Pidgirci and landfills around Pirohovo . Does not contribute to cleaner air Tripolskaya TPP.

An example of a successful site selection that used to buy a home can be considered green area near the highway Novoobuhovskoy example Romankovo ​​neighborhood village .

Northern direction . Northern neighborhood of Kiev also built up , although it is recognized that many scares proximity to the Chernobyl zone . In Vyshgorod area , there are areas where the background radiation is increased. Before the construction of desirable specialist advice as having only household dosimeters can not be a complete picture .

Zhitomir area . From an environmental perspective , towns Makarov district near Zhytomyr highway , for example, or Kolonschyna Bilogorodka , very close to the ideal for what used to buy a house. Surrounded by a forest , they are as far from the influence of harmful factors. The only thing: before you buy here Canadian house, better make sure that next to no major new construction planned felling of forest plantations , otherwise the whole effect of an ecologically clean area will be offset .


Despite active development, near Kiev still have places that can be attributed to clean . There are no polluting industries or storage of household and industrial waste. Therefore, choosing a place to buy Canadian home in the first place , should be considered green areas in the Makarov and Boryspil areas and woodlands along Novoobuhovskoy highway.
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