Dmitry Koldun finally preparing to leave Belarus

23.03.2014 01:00
Articles about real estate |  Dmitry Koldun finally preparing to leave Belarus On "Channel One" started showing new show "Exactly." According to the jury, one of the best participants became singer Dmitry Koldun. Representatives of the newspaper " interlocutor " met with the artist and talk to him . During the meeting, journalists tried to find out from Dmitry why he once bought an apartment in Moscow , as many consider Belarus protected corners where still the Soviet Union. Dmitry explained that he liked Moscow, because here is better developed showbiz - Russians envy Belarusians , and vice versa. And I will say this: there is good where we are not . In Belarus, the situation is stable . There you can walk the streets at night and nothing to fear . And many other delights , followed by Russians go . For example , casinos . In Russia, the better developed showbiz . I like Moscow that the people here are always willing to do business at any time of the day or night , if the money paid for it . In Minsk people lazier . At ten o'clock already nobody will call all sleep ( laughs). Used to think that the golden mean between Minsk and Moscow - Kiev it , but now the situation has changed . Was not very good story - says Dmitry . Since the singer connect their future with Moscow : it is recording , it will shortly move to Moscow for permanent residence , I constantly have to go through Moscow , Minsk because of few direct flights to other cities . I have a recording studio here , so it makes sense to move here permanently. I want to move his family - said the singer newspaper " interlocutor ".

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