Discounts on accommodation can save or sale «illiquid»?

13.01.2014 01:00
Articles about real estate |  Discounts on accommodation can save or sale «illiquid»? Discount often offer only a limited number of apartments are not very popular layouts. Sometimes discounts do not speak openly, but they can still be obtained. In anticipation of New Year holidays, the developer offers its customers the opportunity to purchase homes at a special price . IAP "Capital estate" decided to find out what discount offer this year, developers and whether profitable to buy a house in season discounts . What are the limits and conditions of purchase of apartments at a discount . What apartments are selling at a discount ? Despite the fact that developers are willing to make the buyer a discount , market experts say that still this discount is already incorporated in the price of the apartment . At the same time , discounts do not apply to all accommodation. "We need to understand that any inherent discount percentage , often already considered at the stage builder selling apartments . Final price depends on the footage to buy apartments , terms of settlements and the presence of similar apartments in other developers ", - says Alexei talker , Deputy Director General for Development and Marketing " TMM . " Agree with his opinion and Inna Brechko , CFO development company BGM. " Tempting " proposals tend to focus on an area of ​​more than 100 apartments square . m or apartments unsuccessful layouts . From an architectural point of view difficult to calculate the perfect plan all apartments multistory building . Therefore, even in the most successful residential complexes have several apartments , where, for example , a few square meters - a non-functional living space. These flats are developers willing to "give" at a lower cost - making them discounts , "- said the expert. Christmas discounts and market activity According to market experts , discounts on housing are primarily a marketing ploy companies whose main aim is to draw attention to the residential complex . Also with special prices developers sell apartments that are not in high demand among buyers. Expect the same discount is possible if you are willing to " lay out " immediately the whole amount for housing or buy it in installments with a large downpayment . According to Inna Brechko on the eve of 2014 , the number of promotional and coupon offers from developers is significantly lower than on the eve of 2013. " This is due to good sales volumes of most large and medium-sized construction companies in the autumn season . In fact , the implementation of square meters began to decline only in December - due to the political situation, " - said the expert. Regarding the discount rate , it depends on various factors. " The discount in 2013 depends on the amount of down payment that investors are willing to make . Most developers have focused on attracting customers who are ready to contribute to 50-60 % of the price . That such clients builders are willing to slightly increase the installments on their sites - an average of six months. Or yield per square meter to 400 hryvnia . On the biggest discounts - about 10 % - can expect those who make 100 % payment for the apartment immediately . And these customers today about 20% ", - says Brechko . Discounts are, even when they are not according to IAP "Capital estate" , today in the primary real estate market in Kiev in the segment of economy - class discount is to buy a home in 7 sites. In the houses of business-class discount offer builder and only 3 in the 1st object elite class . The discount amount varies from 2 % to 10% , which depends on each specific promotional apartments and the conditions under which housing is acquired . Also, some companies instead offer financial benefits as a gift decoration of an apartment or furniture. Here we are talking only about the objects , developers who openly declared and otherwise advertise discounts . But there is a practice where a potential buyer can " negotiate " discounts directly in the sales department , even when the developer was originally said about this possibility. It all depends on the seriousness of the client regarding the purchase of the apartment , the same initial fee ( almost guaranteed discount in any of the houses under construction for 100% payment ) and the ability to bargain .

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