Czech Republic - an island of stability

03.01.2014 00:15
Articles about real estate |  Czech Republic - an island of stability This European country has seen the rise and fall of housing prices, as its neighbors. Ukrainians Czech close - relatively clear language, the friendly attitude of the locals, democratic mores ... What else is taken into account, considering the possibility of investment in real estate Czech Republic - the answers to this question in one mouse click - or slightly below. national situation

Indeed, the Czech Republic is easier in many countries experiencing an economic crisis . There are no large external debt , has its own currency . Economy developed and grew steadily , and the real estate market was not observed spikes , such as Spain , Portugal and Montenegro. And in general, the local property buyers are not afraid that their investments are worthless due to circumstances beyond their control .

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Czech property grew in value since the beginning of the 2000s. Grew rapidly - by 15-20% per year. So, if in the early 2000s , the average cost per square meter was about € 300 - € 500 , in the past , " pre-crisis " years (2007 and 2008 ) the price jumped to € 1500 - € 2500 . In the most prestigious places of the average cost per square meter amounted to € 4000 .

In 2009 there was a decline in demand for Czech real estate . But the collapse of the market did not happen. The maximum price decline affected the secondary housing market and amounted to 35 %. And suffer not the most attractive resale and apartments in prefabricated houses , not too inconvenient location and quality . New housing on the contrary, almost fell in price.

Who is the most affordable in the capital ( we are talking about her as the most attractive part of the country) are objects in the Western and Eastern Prague, where a square meter costs from € 1750 to € 2000 . In the historic district of Prague 1 and Prague 2 cost per square meter closer to the mark € 4000 . Old houses in the center of Prague and Karlovy Vary redeemed under renovation and are sold with a high quality finish at an average price of € 4,500 per square meter.

According to realtors, in 2013 the real estate market of the Czech Republic several trends . First , there was a relatively clear division of buyers for those who choose expensive real estate - mostly in Prague and Karlovy Vary - costing € 250-300 thousand , and those who are trying to buy a home worth up to € 100 thousand - mainly in the same places.

Second, we note that those who buy expensive housing , usually do not use a mortgage. And those who buy homes worth up to € 100 thousand , in contrast, often take the mortgage loans . According to realtors, in accordance with this bundle , increased sales of low-cost housing in Prague and Karlovy Vary and expensive real estate . The middle segment remained unchanged - the number of transactions remained virtually unchanged .

Maxim Pyetushkov specialist company «Sodul Development sro»: « The advantage of the Czech Republic for investment in real estate is available in the country 's own national currency - CZK . Recently Czech National Bank lowered by 7% Czech koruna against the euro and the dollar. Therefore, the investment attractiveness of the Czech real estate increased , because our compatriots have long kept their savings in the currency it . Thus , of all the European countries in the Czech Republic has become the most profitable to buy as property prices dropped by 7 %. "

Sergei Veselin Sales Director «Vessan Reality»: « In my opinion, the Czech real estate market is more stable than the markets of those countries where they like to rest on the sea Russians and Ukrainians . Investing in the Czech Republic are less susceptible to any crisis. "

Anna Koldova , CEO «Santana Prague»: « No country in Europe is sold as a historical property in the Czech Republic . Here care of their architectural heritage and do not give to demolish the old buildings in favor of the new building . Thus, the Ukrainians have a real opportunity to purchase a property , for example, in the XVII century house at quite a reasonable price . "

entry threshold

The cheapest property in Prague costs around € 50 thousand, however, the minimum cost of housing, which will be in demand and subsequent buyers , usually just above - € 70-80 thousand It is at such price not expect buying a house in the country with investment objectives .

If you want to live comfortably , and you can find more budget options . Outside of Prague , for example, in Teplice , nice apartment worth € 35-40 thousand There are cheaper options - and not so far from Prague. So , in Beroun , which is just 20 km from the capital , you can find an apartment for only € 30-32 thousand, however, from an investment point of view, such an investment will not bring the desired profit . Besides mostly Ukrainians still prefer Prague, where for the price of property is not found.

Anna Koldova : "If a customer plans to move only after a couple of years after the purchase of an apartment , he buys a spacious apartment in a new building, located in a quiet area with good infrastructure for € 120-150 thousand During his absence the apartment can be put into long-term lease , for example couples . In this scenario , the time of moving the apartment remains in excellent condition.

There are clients who just do not plan to live in the apartment, but only rent it . They are suitable apartment for the same amount , but a smaller area , located in the city center - they can easily take a few days. Of course, successive tenants can cause property in a deplorable state , but its profitability is more than pays periodic need of repair . "

prospects for sale

Those who bought real estate in the Czech Republic five years ago, were able to capitalize on resale housing if they bought an apartment in the historical part of Prague. But income is unlikely to greatly impress : prices rose by about 3% per year.

But still : the most liquid objects ostaeyutsya metropolitan apartments . In the same Carlsbad very pronounced seasonality of growth in housing prices.

Sergei Veselin : "Over the past five years, the cost liquid real estate - in the central districts of Prague - increased by 8-10% . The cost of illiquid real estate during this period , on the contrary , decreased . Thus, for successful investing should choose the right object . "

Anna Koldova : "In my opinion , at the moment for people planning to invest in the Czech Republic, opened the most promising prospects . From 2014 comes into force the new Civil Code . He will bring some positive changes in tenure , which further protect the rights of property owners .. Analysts predict a continued steady growth in property prices in the Czech Republic , which will allow the Ukrainians do not worry about the safety of their investments. It should be noted that this growth is not a " price bubble" , as adopted by the State to provide value for legislative measures in the field of real estate . "

prospects for rent

Buying a home to rent in the Czech Republic is popular among Russians. Yield residential property is 5% to 7 % per annum. This type of investment is far more popular than the resale housing.

Finding housing for rent should not be neglected objects in no better condition. In the Czech Republic to make repairs in the apartment itself running costs not too expensive : even cheap compared to the cost object. Thus , you can buy an apartment unpresentable and raise its price in half after repair .

Any unique features associated with the lease , on the Czech market there. You can instruct the lease its property management company , in which case it will have to pay a one-time cost of one month's rent.

High demand for rent in Prague and suburbs enjoyed by students and tourists who prefer to rent rent an apartment instead of booking a hotel room.

Separately stipulate the situation when purchased object that is already rented. In this case , if the tenant is associated with the previous owner lengthy contract , the rent to the new owner , he will pay it on the basis of the old contract . And the buyer has no right to the apartment to evict before the expiry of the lease agreement - and has no right to raise its price ...

Maxim Pyetushkov " Maximum daily income from renting the property can be obtained by acquiring businesses in the center of Prague and Karlovy Vary, if we talk about the long-term lease , it will be the most profitable , on the contrary , new half an hour from the city centers ."

Sergei Veselin : " When buying a property for subsequent lease to pay attention to infrastructure , proximity to downtown , transport accessibility. In my practice , almost all Russians who want to take the property for rent , use the services of management companies . "

Anna Koldova : "The largest revenue in property letting is available in Prague and its suburbs with good transport accessibility . Small apartment can generate income from € 6 thousand a year, and more to residential or commercial property and can € 160-300 thousand, which is not the limit . Maximum income in property letting is limited only by the type of investment. "


Investment attractiveness of the Czech Republic is concentrated in the capital . It is here that the square footage bring the most coveted income and demand. Benefits of the Czech Republic for investment in " concrete " are numerous. Low property taxes , great value for historical architectural Fund and easy accessibility to the rest of the European countries attract our compatriots.

Since the rise in house prices is only about 3 % per year, the best type of investment is to rent the purchased property , rather than its resale . It was her most Russians rely considering objects in the Czech Republic including how to make money.
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