Contracts for «affordable housing» will be fully serviced

29.04.2014 01:15
Articles about real estate |  Contracts for «affordable housing» will be fully serviced All previously concluded contracts for construction loans to fund "Gosmolodzhile" will be served in full. This was stated by chairman Leonid Rysuhin Institutions L.Rysuhin explained that the Foundation now has several thousand contracts program youth housing loans , " Affordable Housing , 70 /30" and compensation mortgage rates commercial banks.

" Of course, everyone is interested in the further implementation of the state programs. Emphasize that in a difficult financial situation of some of the costs , including social, in the state budget has been reduced significantly . But in the main financial document provided funds for maintenance of previously concluded contracts.

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Thus, according to partial compensation program and we will continue to lead to 9.3 thousand contracts , for "youth " as a 9000 treaty also accompany the program under the " 30 to 70 %."

But to say that the continued operation of the program ( new contracts ) is minimized , it would be incorrect . They just stopped. As recorded in the transitional provisions of changes in the state budget , subject to the availability of funds in the main financial document of the country funding for social programs will be resumed , "- said L.Rysuhin .

Recall developers also note that investors who have previously entered into contracts for the sale of property rights can continue to count on the support of 13 percent of the state within the framework of the program of mortgage lending.

" Everyone knows how difficult it is today to the new government , but I'm sure that soon the situation will change for the better " Kievgorstroj " again will conclude contracts for the sale of property with the participants of affordable housing programs . Finally , work on the construction does not stop, we build new apartments, keep our promises to investors , and the construction industry is still working , it is alive and the economy . difficulties persist, and houses built " Kyivmiskbud " stand " - said the president " Kievgorstroy " Igor Kushnir .
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