Caution: unfinished!

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Articles about real estate |  Caution: unfinished! "Green fences" for frozen life in Ukraine is still not uncommon. Moreover, in some regions (including the capital) has recently become more thereof.
We learned where are unfinished , how to recognize scams from the real estate developers and how to regain their right to a housewarming party .

be on the alert

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Interesting detail : the lion's share of real estate developers who are temporarily or permanently curtailed their activities - not criminals and swindlers. As told to "look" analysts , the majority of construction companies originally were not going to " throw " the gullible investors. In each case, developers are becoming victims of circumstances and simply could not bring to mind the house . Reasons - and illiterate management, and conflict between the founders and dramatically soaring world prices for materials , and suddenly arose in litigation , such as the legality of land acquisition . Among the " culprits " - and unaffordable loan obligations to banks.

Anyway , if an investor comes to the construction site and sees that the crane , cheerfully lifting plate to the heavens in place anymore, and over foundation pit - an ominous silence , it's time to sound the alarm . In Association of Realtors of Ukraine explained : should immediately organized with fellow sufferers and seek developer ( or its successor ) to achieve the completion of construction. It is in the best case . At worst - at least be able to recover the money invested . However , it is better to pre-empt such developments : a person who has already made money , it is worth to constantly monitor the construction site , so that when the first signs of it stopping to respond with future neighbors .

Law and credit

Defend the rights of Ukrainians who cheated builders easy. The reasons are many : from developers may simply not have enough money to take the house back or attached people . And with the bankrupt company and bribes are smooth . While laws that could squeeze negligent builders to nail , Parliament does not accept. Draft of such a law has just been registered under the dome and even has a chance of being accepted in the first half of 2014 . As told in the Ukrainian public organization "Association of Victim Assistance investors ", document prepared by ordinary people who are waiting for the promised housing . Promise to appear , and the means by which it will be possible , as promised First Deputy Prime Minister Sergei Arbuzov, finish all unfinished in the country. It is about 15 - billion loan - it is ready to give our country to China housing program . Now a word for themselves builders. Well, for future investors . Want to live in a new house - invest your money wisely .

Scheme to purchase housing ( thing to remember )

Buying from a private developer

• You can not buy separately identified apartment - private developer , as a rule, can only build housing on one host .

• The home must be no higher than 3 floors . If you lodge on the 4th , it's illegal .

• Select your part in this house is very troublesome.

• Such reluctant to take on new building balance.

Private limited participation in the construction

• You can not only housing, but also profit.

• All the world is easier to deal with careless builder.

• Equitable distribution of profits among shareholders - in strict proportion to the first installment.

• In case of problems with building all shareholders are no flats and profits.

bond sales

• Securities are rising in price in the course of construction - along with the increasing cost per square meter .

• They can at any time return to the company

in exchange for money

• With bond speculators can repeatedly sell the same apartment.

Construction financing fund

• Ensures that the builders did not spend the money for other purposes buyers .

• When Delays may charge a penalty in favor of the builder buyers.

• It may be a structure associated with the builders . So - would not defend the interests of ordinary investors .

investment treaty

• The subject of the document appears not to (residential ) , and the process , that is the building itself .

• The parties have different goals. One gets the profit from the works , the other - the right to housing .

• For contractors not covered by the law on consumer protection and investor difficult to defend their rights in court .

How to recognize scammers :

1. Construction company has no permanent office premises or stable staff.

2 . Classified ads for the same apartment appear in different places on behalf of different companies or people.

3 . In the sales department can not show documents for land and construction.

4 . Do not sell the company to long-term contracts to subcontractors - a construction company .

5 . Sales begin for another level of excavation and "green fence" .

6. No permanent partner bank , loan company and the purchase of property in its facilities .

7. No public information about the builder , not handed over houses.

8. The cost of apartments below the market average by 25-40% .

lawyer's opinion

Alexey Goncharuk , President of the Ukrainian public organization "Association of Victim Assistance investors " :

When investing , it is important to follow a few rules. First , you should pay attention to who handed over the money. Not only to the legal entity , the company itself -builder, but also on the physical person , the owner of the company. We must understand that the investor for some time will become a business partner. And it is important to examine the reliability of colleagues. Secondly , it is important to avoid intermediaries , whom many in this business . Need to deal with a company which directly owns the rights to the land granted . Thirdly , we can not risk their savings. No need to invest in a hurry, without consulting experts.
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