Astrological forecast for 2014 - Year of the Trojan Horse

04.01.2014 00:00
Articles about real estate |  Astrological forecast for 2014 Year blue (wooden) Horses will begin after the first new moon in Aquarius, which will occur on January 31 in 1 hour 40 minutes Moscow time.
Starting calendar year will be marked by the dramatic events of the bunch . The first new moon in January is marked with concomitant heavy negatives : it struck three aggressive planets - Mars , Pluto and Jupiter. But the influence of this kind will be accompanied throughout 2014, which is marked by the predominance of hard aspects .

This year represents the end of the Neptunian era and means major changes in all spheres of life. Possible major upheaval in the social and financial sphere , the revolutionary events and the threat of armed conflict in countries with tense social situation . Neptune is associated with chemical weapons , there is a danger of its use , where this is not expected .

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Human sacrifice is significantly more than in the previous year Anaconda . The population of different regions will suffer and die in natural disasters , man-made disasters and hostilities. The most dangerous months of April and November look . January, February and December also permeated space disharmony . Not free from the negative end of August and beginning of September.

The symbol of this year is the Trojan horse , which , according to legend, hid themselves in the soldiers who won Troy. " Beware of Greeks bearing gifts ." Gifts of 2014 contain a hidden secret and dangerous threat . Any friendliness from the detractors - just a mask . And woe to those who believe a smile enemy. Therefore, you should be alert , not vigilant and do not take gifts from questionable characters .

The basic configuration of a tense year in astrology called "Sink or Swim " . It may require us to mobilize all forces and the use of all the possibilities. Prudent to anticipate threats. Example of the Greeks shows that win resourceful and ingenious , such as Odysseus . While Odysseus , they can also be severely punished loss of life and long-term targets seclusion .

Unconditional lucky year - Libra . Capricorn can also emerge victorious , if not ahead of the race will come down as a result of excessive overloads.

Aries and Cancer expect grueling battles. But they can turn the tide in their favor. Representatives of these signs should be aware not only of the sword , but a shield .

Natives fixed signs - Taurus , Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius - recommended dangerous months of the year to find a special shelter to soften the blows of fate. You are on the side of the Greeks , but , like, you do not overtaken fate of Odysseus.

Representatives movable signs - Gemini , Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces - must be very careful in the financial sector , it is only able to reduce at least some possible large losses . Credit can be a Trojan horse .
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