Aspects of Feng Shui, affecting the health and prosperity of the

02.12.2012 01:30
Articles about real estate |  Aspects of Feng Shui, affecting the health and prosperity of the I want to draw your attention to some aspects of Feng Shui premises, which may adversely affect the health and human flourishing.
Unfortunately, most of these factors have not been adjusted, so be careful when choosing an apartment avoid them.
1. Toilet and bathroom are located in the center of the room, this situation threatens to oncological diseases and problems with the digestive tract.
2. Kitchen, stove or fireplace are located in the center of the house or apartment. This brings problems with the cardiovascular system, scandals and quarrels in the family.

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3. Y-shaped room. It is always a bad Feng Shui, as the room has no points of support, and consequently the life of the people in such a house will never be stable.
4. Line toilet crosses the front door or the bed, this situation threatens to financial problems and the threat of oncological diseases.
5. Cooker is visible from the front door, it threatens to problems in Finance and health. Often this situation can be improved.
Elena Вардиамиди
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