As the size of the down payment for housing is growing loyalty developers

26.12.2013 00:15
Articles about real estate |  As the size of the down payment for housing is growing loyalty developers Most promotional offers construction companies of the capital and its suburbs in the Christmas season 2013 - 2014 года focused on customers ready to make a right at least 50% of the price. This opinion was expressed by the financial director of construction company BGM Inna Brechko .

According to her, on the eve of the new 2014 number of promotional and coupon offers from developers is significantly lower than on the eve of 2013. The expert notes that due to the good sales volumes of most large and medium-sized construction companies in the autumn season .

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"In fact , the implementation of square meters began to decline only in December - due to the political situation. Most sales fell among those investors who bought a house in installments with a small downpayment . But completely refused to buy no more than 30 % of potential investors. The rest is usually just moved the adoption of the final decision , and accordingly, the transaction at the end of January 2014 , when the situation stabilizes , "- said I. Brechko .

According to her, in December , the majority of developers focused on attracting customers who are ready to contribute to 50-60 % of the price . " These customers builders are willing to slightly increase the installments on their sites - an average of six months. Or yield per square meter to 400 UAH . On the biggest discounts - about 10 % - can expect those who make 100% right . And these customers today about 20%. More " tempting " offers tend to focus more apartments measuring 100 square meters. m or apartments unsuccessful layouts "- says CFO BGM.

The expert also predicts a positive trend in home sales in the economy and comfort class in February and March 2014. " The reason for cautious optimism - are statements of a number of large banks of their intention to increase their mortgage loan portfolios . In addition, a positive dynamics of economic growth and should give Ukraine agreement on the allocation of credit from Russia " , - said I. Brechko .
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