As the political crisis in Ukraine will change the demand for overseas property

18.03.2014 00:00
Articles about real estate |  As the political crisis in Ukraine will change the demand for overseas property Experts note that the result of such actions could be real estate market changes simultaneously in several countries. More than a third of those surveyed real estate professionals say that the main reason why there is now a tendency to increase the amount of real estate acquired abroad - it's just people's fears of the consequences, which may soon overtake each in Ukraine.

A considerable number of analysts have noted that all previous political unrest occurred in Ukraine frightened inhabitants of the country so that they have become increasingly buy property abroad in order to secure himself personally , and keep your money . At this stage, the most popular countries for investing money in real estate among Ukrainians considered the Russian Federation and the European real estate market .

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Very obvious results of the study are the preferences of Ukrainians , in which country should invest your money - almost the entire eastern part of Ukraine has chosen for this Russian . More than a third of respondents claim that acquire real estate in Russia is not for permanent residence , but only in order to keep their funding . The reasoning in humans is as follows: according to them, before the devaluation of the hryvnia remained not long .

Residents of Western Ukraine contrary prefer to buy real estate in Europe : Bulgaria , Germany, Greece , Spain, Turkey and the Czech Republic . An interesting fact is that many of the interviewed citizens of Ukraine Western Ukraine seeking not only to buy flats and houses in the above countries, but also to qualify for a residence permit with a work permit . Immigration people in Russia and Ukraine nowadays a very common phenomenon , only citizens of the CIS more than 37% this year plans to move to live abroad , while the rate of immigration worldwide is only 15% .

Very interesting is the fact that London is the most common city among Russian and Ukrainian immigrants. Experts from the London real estate market have claimed that the demand for the purchase of houses and apartments in London increased by 1.5 times .

Nevertheless , it is worth considering that many of the citizens of Ukraine because of the political upheaval in the country can not go beyond its limits for buying real estate. According to the real estate company specializing in the sale of real estate in the U.S., it became apparent that the majority of Russian and Ukrainian citizens in the early development of the Crimean events began to abandon transactions or to postpone them indefinitely.
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