As developers to attract clients?

05.03.2014 00:45
Articles about real estate |  As developers to attract clients? Abundance of advertisements in all their diversity multiplies daily. It is no secret that the past two decades has radically changed the business. The real estate market is no exception. Previously, the presence of the more or less suitable housing in a given area was enough for the accomplishment of the transaction. Over time, as property buyers are becoming more picky. Simple "template" the announcement of the opening of ticket sales is unlikely to provide a place to someone wanting to buy a new home .

In order to attract buyers, developers are forced to look for new approaches to customers and constantly coming up with various promotions .

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What new methods of attracting customers appeared on the real estate market in recent years and are beneficial if they really?

In recent time the real estate market has become more flexible and creative in terms of planning Sway campaign. And even traditional tools - the Internet, outdoor advertising, print, radio and television are used in a new way . Players in the market today are not afraid to experiment , not only the Internet, where it is objectively interesting to do , and that is important - just to see the results instantly. If we talk about radio and television , there is also using a single instrument players stand out due to creative component . Also important in today 's overall marketing strategy - it's PR. It is this tool allows you to communicate with the audience and the media business , and most importantly the customer .

Today advertising residential complexes can be found on the radio and on television, in the press.

In this case , if the presence of developers, agencies for regional channels - a long-standing trend , the yield on the center channel - the latest .

Foreign outdoor advertising differs from Ukrainian , primarily in that it is designed for foreign mentality. Abroad in advertising principles apply emotional minimalism : there we see the flashy advertising calls or bright scarlet color schemes used rather laconic slogans , restrained and deep colors , often in foreign advertising are people and personalities . Abroad advertising spend more , attracted well-known experts in the field of creativity and photography.

Advertising from developers take up to 2 % of turnover. In our opinion, any product advertising is needed . Another thing is that you can reduce spending on direct advertising through the formation of a positive reputation builder or other aspects of reputational component.

With respect to residential real estate advertising is very important the product itself , which speaks for itself . Ukrainian citizens assess housing not only by price, but also infrastructure , transport accessibility , comfort, and safety.

Thus, these products will be successful where the quality of the project speaks for itself , a company-builder has a good reputation and confirmed where lined competent marketing communications , not only in relation to the project , but also for the image of the company , which is actively working on the most effective promotion channels , including the Internet and social networks.

As for discounts and bonuses , they are ranked according to the class of property . For example, a system of bonuses and rebates good for the more affordable segments , but do little for expensive housing . Person who decides to buy an expensive apartment , you can hardly deceive grinders, camcorder or other similar gift .

In any case , none of the decent sites will not allow advertising object without permits , building permits . It's always been strictly checked . Something may appear vague , but specific promises not supported by documents , no one on the official site to place advertising can not - we're talking now about the outdoor advertising , television, radio , print media, major Internet portals. Thus the emergence of direct consumer advertising on these sites contrary direct sign that the documents from the advertiser 's all right.

Advertising does not help to identify the negative aspects of an object . To protect themselves from potentially dangerous proposals buyer must seek the advice of market professionals , such as lawyers or realtors . They will help you choose the most effective and safest option and will talk about the pitfalls of an object , if they exist.

All self-respecting of advertisements must request up to the originals , legal documentation before releasing roller broadcast or print ad . Therefore, on the contrary , it is worth more attentive to the objects that are advertised only on the Internet or on your own site builder.
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