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Articles about real estate |  Apartment - Property cryptic format What do you know about the apartment? People perceive it as a symbol of the good life. The results of the survey were somewhat unexpected . It turned out that 61 % of Kyiv residents consider themselves to those who know what apartment. However, these respondents are mostly found apartments " housing for the rich."

What kind of animal ?

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And nothing about the specifics of this format, which is not legally housing, an idea altogether perverse . For example , two thirds of the " knowledgeable " believe that the price of the apartment above or equal to the price on the characteristics comparable apartment. They also believe that the property can be permanent registration . And it is not aware of the costs of maintaining these facilities. As a result, it was found that only one in five in the " experts" ( 17% of the total number of respondents) are more or less familiar with this kind of real estate.

Whether expressed in this figure the size of the potential target audience built apartment complexes or share randomly formed layer of the most informed audience - a question for another study.

Write a lot, but little

It would seem that the media does not deprive attention apartment market . Almost all the major publications, not only industry , but also socio-political regularly devote apartments kilometers articles.

As for specialized publications , then it is self-evident. Reservations www.irn.ru repeatedly turned to the subject. In the article " Apartments in Moscow : mink trap for crawlers on the real estate market " discussed issues high costs of such facilities at a relatively low cost of their purchase ( 20-22 % lower than similar apartment ) . Topic considered in terms of the attractiveness of the construction of apartment complexes for developers (see " Oil Painting " : format of apartments in Moscow is growing rapidly "and" Apartment in Moscow : the pros and cons for developers and buyers . ")

And wrote about the intentions of the authorities to oblige developers to build social infrastructure , and that the case could turn into a loss of the main advantages of the apartment before apartments - a lower price (" Apartments and apartments in Moscow: new developments" ) . Finally, the experts of the analytical center "Indicators of Real Estate Market IRN.RU» recently conducted a study of this segment of the real estate " market apartments in and around Moscow in 2013 " (" Moscow Districts , leading to the number of apartments ").

In short , it is difficult to accuse a professional environment in that it artificially holds information . But apparently, it is still not enough .

Down vertically

Construction of apartment complexes is growing , not only in Kiev but also in the near Crimea in developed or rapidly developing towns.

Developers can understand - this business has several advantages . You can sell them legitimately , without waiting for the commissioning and observing the requirements of the law on joint construction . " Noted that on the same area " can be raised to 1.5 - 2 times more apartments compared with full apartments " in connection with a simple construction standards

There is growing not only geography, but also buying audience - more proposals focused on the midrange . Potential buyer studio agreeing to offer a comparable apartment in the complex, can save up to a quarter of the budget. But the price factor in determining ekonomsegmente often .

buy all
By the way, who is this potential buyer of apartments ? Maria Litinetskaya , CEO of " Metrium Group" believes that their customers are getting the most diverse groups of persons - "young people, couples with children, single men and older women ( 40-45 years ), and so on."

Head of Research and Consulting company " NDV-estate" Elizabeth Hutz defined target audience , building on what the buyer is not important residence apartments . They are representatives of the business community ( second home or shelter , bought the company for staff accommodation ) provided parents wishing to relocate adult children , people who commit "image" package. Thus, the picture is rather varied .

Obviously, all these categories of people are aware of the features of the apartment and is not crucial for them not only a question of residence , but also the question of a more expensive compared with the flat content. But if developers are going to expand supply by other segments of the consumer audience , the information should be wider. And they are obviously going .

Maria Litinetskaya tells us that " a year ago , many experts were set pretty skeptical , believing that the format of the apartments will not be in demand in a wide range of customers and market effectively" choking " of so many projects." In the experience of the company's sales " Metrium Group" , first, " the target audience of the apartment is quite wide, and even more similar properties purchased for permanent residence. And secondly, the dynamics of sales of apartments already comparable with the rate the sale of apartments . "

Maria Litinetskaya described as an emerging market apartments galloping pace and suggested holding a level of development , and also outside of Moscow , through the development of infrastructure , including transport , creation of new jobs , etc. And Elizabeth Hutz predicts limited demand for apartments , citing the fact that " the possibility of buying an apartment residence is still very relevant for the vast majority of buyers ."


However, the demand can be large , even within all these constraints . If the proposal a few years ago refers exclusively to premium overstepped the limits of its class and is developing in breadth , and now the price down vertically, it is unambiguous evidence of market development. In such circumstances, the full value of information is difficult to overestimate . Although in this matter expert judgment also divided . For example, Maria Litinetskaya believes that the media done enough, so "potential buyers are informed of all the key features of this format ." And Elizabeth Hutz , on the contrary , believes that " today the majority of the population of the capital and potential buyers are poorly informed about what the apartment ."

17% - this is a very bad

At first glance the results of a survey by the magazine confirmed the fears www.metrinfo.ru Elizabeth Hutz . Indeed, most of the respondents about the features of this format does not have a clue , many word " apartment " is associated with luxury accommodation for the oligarchs . In general, people can understand. On the market and indeed many expensive apartment complexes , and they are being actively marketed (" transcendental service ", " ah, what the lobby there .") The term "apartments" , to be honest - quite controversial . For example , a large encyclopedic dictionary Soviet times interprets it as a large luxurious room, so his men, and perceive . Besides apartment market still young , and not all have heard about it .

But people are becoming interested in real estate and understand the details , decide when the housing problem , and then forget it as a nightmare. Typically, 10-12% of this population. So that the share of respondents who find themselves aware of what is "apartments" , which issued a study www.metrinfo.ru - 17% - quite decent and even optimistic . On the other hand, it does not cancel the need for information . It is always necessary , and the more of it the better.

Fully research reports , read the article "Public opinion: citizens think that the apartment building for movie stars ."
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