12 gifts to the laws of astrology

09.12.2013 01:00
Articles about real estate |  12 gifts to the laws of astrology Every year we promise ourselves to prepare gifts to loved ones in advance. For each individual come surprise and not as usual. But in the end each year buy any useless nonsense (of what's left on the shelves in the stores until the same as we did not dare to everything under the net) and again to promise not to do it. But all that is required of us is to remember which of your friends and relatives - Aries who Pisces who Taurus, Capricorn ... And we recall what the stars and whispered that the ancestors bequeathed .

Inquisitive and expansive Aries . They just appreciate if you give them something appropriate hobby. Wait, do not need to run for a surfboard , these guys have one passion replaces another , so wait for something more real . If you are attentive , will not miss the hint in the conversation for a gift , okay, you have time to get bored Aries talking about what he craves . Aries adore any heaped gadgets cheapo not tolerate them too expensive classics unlikely to please. And most importantly, exclude from Wishlist for Aries handmade gifts , these favors he did not appreciate.

Libra surprise gift easier . It must meet the requirements of a purely aesthetic , functional and other pro can easily forget , the only thing that will not forgive the balance , so it is - bad taste . Even in the art for Libra important - it is the design . Can repeat them about power and ergonomics - useless, Libra if only it was pleasure to see . Do not even think to ask that they donate, mortally offended , and certificates is also not the best idea to make a decision for yourself Libra - real torture . They give good art, furniture, decorative signs and accessories, cosmetics and fragrances also possible, but do not overdo .

Calves need to give something only for the ages. Books bound in an expensive , mahogany tables and handles of ivory. Do not try to be original and kreativnichat , Taurus does not appreciate . For it is important restraint and respectability gift , crackers and fun - it's not for him. Calves do not chase novelties and do not rush to buy up all the updated gadgets, more important for them things , time-tested , but typewriters and film cameras give them is not necessary, such sentimentality Taurus is not greedy . If diamonds and bearskin you can not afford , give gifts, but only useful if Taurus does not see things the destination - it is unlikely he would have liked .

Gemini changeable and windy with a gift you can not suffer. Representatives of this air sign just love surprises and the kids enjoyed the entire row. They pay more attention not the present, and the person bringing these gifts . The surest way to please the Twins - is to bring a souvenir from distant countries or to make a gift with your own hands , it is very important to feel the attention and care , and more importantly , showing off a gift, say, " This is more than no one ! " Guided by this principle , you will always Gemini can bestow . Just do not give them overall vases , chairs, appliances, mobile and mobile Gemini gifts such drive in anguish . It is better to present an adventure - a certificate for rock climbing , going to a new club , tickets to the water park or a ticket to a fashionable resort .

Cancers just " mimishnymi " gifts can not be bought . People of this sign strongly believe in what you have to guess all their desires and even know in advance what they want next time. So you'd better investigate and crook ask relatives Cancer than he is dreaming. Little hint - Cancers love vintage and antiques , so vintage accessories , jewelry and furniture , worthy of the world's museums, cancers can safely deliver . Cutlery and crockery beautiful tea ceremony Cancers love too .

Lions - nature very generous . So accustomed to receiving gifts and bulk and wasteful , so you can brag to all your friends . Do not bother about the engraving and some exclusive copyrighted work just donate Leo item quality brand , choose the one that he had among the favorites . Let this be a microscopic thing, but by Chanel. And be sure to utter pathos and orations , when you give a gift to Leo . For him, it can become almost more important than the gift itself .

Virgin to gifts extremely demanding. Like everything else in his life. Such people do not accept chaos and any fuss. Surprises do not bring them into raptures , but here are practical gifts , the most useful to them exactly like them. Even if you set of pots seems quite banal gift, he definitely fits the Virgin . Forget about teddy bears and useless trinkets bring more joy to the Virgin dishwasher .

But Scorpio, on the contrary, will not tolerate platitudes . He used to consider himself so special and space that are simply unable to make simple gifts . Rare book , collectible vinyl record , with the moon stone , notebook from bamboo stalks - such a gift Scorpio appreciate. Thus the cost does not play a significant role , the most important thing - the exclusivity . If nothing supernatural not come to mind , boldly giving Scorpios any attributes of power - the sword on the wall , a pocketknife, and forged armor will be to his liking .

Sagittarius gift must promise him staggering emotions. For many, the best gift - a journey , but for the curious Streltsov such a gift on the verge of ecstasy. No practical gift can not load to carry, but just needs to be memorable and exciting . Cool headphones or camera also make the heart beat faster Streltsov and more . His apartment is like a home traveler , so exotic accessories place there is always there.

Conservative Capricorn may not be ready for surprises . And if you plan to secretly lure him away - do not waste time . Obstinacy representatives of this sign does not hold , can nowhere, would not move . The best gift for Capricorn - games, developing logic and a subscription to a magazine for fun . And do not indulge workaholism Capricorn , do not give him a professional gifts. Sometimes Capricorns need to rest .

Invented some really quite strange and extraordinary gift ? Supplies it to Aquarius, only he can assess your discovery appreciated. Replica " Wow! " Accompanies all memorable gifts representatives of this sign . Aquarius woven of contradictions , he may like Lady Gaga , and shoes and voucher for a romantic weekend . Do Aquarius weird idea of ​​luxury , so carpets, curtains printed with the unreal , vases and plaster bust of him exactly like them. If the gift you have quite a regular , at least take care of the packaging.

Subtle nature Pisces love intimate gifts . Not those of the adult store , and a very personal and touching gift. Fish in dire need of romance , so called stars in their honor , sing serenades under the balcony , but not too zealous , not to scare Pisces. The representatives of this sign -developed intuition , and all sorts of mystical things like them exactly . But writing a disc with your favorite tunes Virgin you stay long in their memories .

Do not pull back until the last , consider the Christmas gifts in advance \ nDo you want to just trust astrological wisdom and surprise your friends with care and attention , and then the celebration and the whole year will be a great success !
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