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What is the classification of apartments in new buildings?
In advertising materials, the word combinations "business class housing", "elite real estate" and "economy class" are often used. These are not just enticing names, but valuable information that speaks about the degree of comfort, the comfort of housing and the development of local infrastructure. A class defines not only the layout and style of design, but also the building materials used, engineering solutions.
Areas of Kiev under the signs of the zodiac
Kiev under the stars live. The capital is divided into 12 zodiacal zones, and each district - a sign, and character.
How Virtual Reality Changes Commercial Real Estate
The use of virtual reality is not just a trend, but a way of life for the future. Technological changes have historically influenced commercial real estate - and virtual reality is no exception.
In Greece, the Russians built the village of «Barvikha»
Greek company Hellenic Homes developer will build on the island of Crete luxury villa community "Barvikha," said the manager of sales and marketing for Homes Janis Iliakis.
Best cottage towns of Ukraine are named
March 24 EC "ACCO International" in the framework of the Forum on Urban and suburban real estate the ceremony of awarding the winners of the Eighth All-Ukrainian contest independent "Cottage Village - 2014."
Near Moscow village put up for sale for expats
Group funds Whitehall, which manages the bank Goldman Sachs, put up for sale gated community for expats around the Khimki Reservoir.
Experts from real estate agencies share memories: swimming and unscheduled inspection of the house, turning the cremation.
What building materials are used for «green» construction
In energy efficiency and "green" technologies, Ukraine lags far behind other European countries, although certain positive trends are still emerging.
Appraisers began to fight corruption
Ukrainian Society of Appraisers will fight with the largest corruption scheme of Ukraine on the market value of the property as well as to initiate bills to stabilize and improve the state of the market assessment.
Examination of suburban real estate
Evaluation of suburban real estate is not only to estimate the number of available square meters of urban housing.
Feng Shui Symbols for all zodiac signs in 2016
2016 - the year of the fire monkey - promises changes in life, the dynamics and the expectation of all characters. Year promises to be fun and full of bright events.
Proper property insurance - security deposit
Real estate insurance can protect us from a variety of financial problems, but only if the insurance company is reliable, and the contract - drawn up by all the rules.
Three-quarters of Ukrainians oppose the lifting of the moratorium on the sale of land
Three quarters of Ukrainians (77%) oppose the sale of agricultural land, according to a sociological survey conducted by the Sociological Group "Rating".
In the courts of mortgage rights of the child - is no longer an argument
We'll have to prove that children's rights really are violated, that is, the bank is trying to evict him from his only shelter.
Installment of the apartment: pros and cons
Get your own apartment - the dream of most Ukrainians. Crisis 2008-2010 has lowered prices, but not closer possibility to purchase an apartment at the expense of accumulation.
More than 100 thousand Ukrainians live in the Czech Republic
Today, more than 100 thousand citizens of Ukraine live in the Czech Republic. This was stated by the Czech Foreign Minister Tomash Petršíček during a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Pavel Klimkin.
How to choose a management company?
Today we are at the stage of construction of country towns. Following six months primary rural market in Ukraine is represented in more than 100 projects.
The best country to live young
Specialists of the analytical center Youthonomics (France) conducted a study on the living conditions of young people in different countries around the world. The objects of the study were 64 states.
Where does Alexander Buynov live?
Alexander Buynov - People's Artist, singer, musician, actor, showman and composer. Born in March 1950 in a military town on the border with Moscow. After his birth, the family moved to a communal apartment in Bolshoy Tishinsky Lane.
Developers focus on the innovation of residential complexes
For residential complexes, which opened sales in 2017, characterized by greater attention to the overall concept and infrastructure filling - developers focus on innovation, comfort and prestige of living.
NAI Ukraine became the exclusive broker of the shopping center Apollo in the Dnieper
NAI Ukraine was elected as an exclusive broker for recruitment of tenants for the second stage of the Appolo shopping and entertainment center in the Dnieper.
Investors are interested in Kiev offices
In 2017, the number of investment transactions for the purchase and sale of commercial real estate significantly increased, which is due to the improvement of the economic situation in Ukraine, as well as the growth of an interesting offer of collateral from commercial banks.
Groisman proposes to update the norms for the construction of high-rise buildings
Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman proposes to update the norms for the construction of apartment buildings and urban infrastructure objects in the direction of their effectiveness and modernity - in analogy with how the norms of road construction have been updated.
In Ukraine, is gaining momentum leasing real estate
In 2008, commercial real estate leasing market in Ukraine will reach $ 500 million in regard to the Ukrainian market of real estate leasing in general, then its volume in 2007 totaled more than $ 700 million
Crimean apartments of Kolomoisky go under the hammer
The invaders in the Crimea put up for sale apartments that belonged to the Ukrainian oligarch Igor Kolomoysky and were nationalized.
The official demanded a bribe for assistance in obtaining real estate
In Kiev, the deputy head of the Pechersk District State Administration was detained while receiving a bribe. Law enforcement officers suspect him of receiving 20 thousand hryvnia for assistance in obtaining premises for rent.
The rental market in Kiev overheats: for one tenant there are 45 apartments
The rental market in Kiev is overheated to such an extent that one tenant has 45 apartments. This opinion was expressed by the analyst of the consulting agency SV Development Sergey Kostetsky at a press conference, the correspondent of ASN reported.
Be wise: learn how to save on building your own home
The low-floor residential housing market in Ukraine is one of the most stable areas of construction production in the last 15 years. Evidence of this is the data of the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine. So for the period of 2003 - 2018 g annually commissioning about 6, 0 million sq. M. such a home.
How to make a transaction when buying a land plot
What should I look for when buying land? What documents are needed for notarization of the contract of sale of the site? What is included in the details of the contract?
On the U.S. real estate market have exhibited «mushroom house»
On the U.S. housing market exhibited an unusual object resembling a family of fungi enormous size, according to the portal The structure proposed for 900 thousand dollars.
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