With a contract or not: the purchase of land in the cottage villages

18.09.2010 12:40
Real Estate Market Analysis | With a contract or not: the purchase of land in the cottage villages It is no secret that organized cottage villages in line Kiev and beyond, a lot. Their total number, according to the portal suburban and overseas real estate www.zagorodna.com equal 282.
Director of consulting company "RealEkspo" (Kiev) Victor Kovalenko told to buy land in the territory of organized cottage towns of Ukraine:
"We have more or less actively bought two types of land: either very cheap, in a certain field (because of the financial capabilities of most people is very limited), or something" intelligible ", with finished largely infrastructure, good location (but it - beautiful scenery, good environment, transport accessibility). And also with a high probability of conversion of land area in a residential settlement in the near future.
In some towns the sale of land required order construction contract is in the developer, in accordance with general plan, concept, architecture. Land value does not depend on whether the customer will build a house yourself or through contract. "

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Many have the desire, along with the implementation of the site and perform the full range of construction works. In fact, the client is easier to have a single integrated structure to meet fully the transformation of land in homeownership.
The cost of sites already included the cost of utilities.

Buying land in the cottage, according to Victor Kovalenko, "you're a bit overpaid, but instead receive such advantages as security, engineering, comfort, accessibility, social facilities.

Pluses and minuses ...
In deciding whether to purchase land in the cottage country real estate portal leader www.zagorodna.com Victor Kovalenko drew attention to a number of factors:
First, whether the town within the boundaries of the locality or outside it?
Secondly, the appointment of land: (OSG, under gardening, under the dacha construction, under IZHS).
Thirdly, the suitability of land for the selected target. Having decided to buy land to build a house, you risk to get into a difficult situation. The main danger - they are different restrictions on the use and encumbrance of land communications, water protection, sanitary and other areas.
Fourth, ask piped utilities: electric power, water supply, gas supply, the presence of sewage, etc.

Offer and pricing
According to the portal www.zagorodna.com as of August 20 the ground with a contract and without a contract in the cottage of Ukraine has 84 companies.

The largest choice of cottage villages in Kiev Oblast (41 town). Minimum price weave featured in a newly built cottage house "Country Village" (387 U.S. $ / weaving), and the maximum price fixed in the cottage settlement "Pine Forest" (Obukhov district, 65000 U.S. $ / weaving). Among the areas of the Kiev region championship on the number at the Obukhov district (12 villages, offering land). Second place in the Makarov Region (9 campuses).

The second largest number of proposed land - Odessa region (21 town).
Here the minimum price of $ 1,740 / Weaving recorded in the cottage "Olshansky ponds, and a maximum of $ -55,000 / weaving in the town of Chateau Royale.

Third place in the Crimea and Kharkov region by the number of towns, the proposed land. In Crimea, the minimum cost of hundred part will start with $ 1500 in a cottage settlement "Golden Crimea", and finishes with a cost of $ 15000 to weave in the village, designed in Koreiz.

The minimum cost of weave in Ukraine was recorded in a projected environmental project "Lana Polesie", located in the Rivne region ($ 250 / weaving).

Most of the proposals, the land is proposed in the emerging horticultural associations, as well as in new projects. Builders and developers in search of selling lots for cottage construction investment projects as a whole (without division into small plots).

According to Victor Kovalenko, affects the cost and privatization. For example the cost weave non-privatized land in village. Dymer Vyshgorodskiy region pulls in $ 550, and already privatized weaving grows in 2-fold, reaching $ 1100 / weaving.

Trends and Forecasts 2010

A characteristic feature of 2010 - increased competition among companies offering to market projects with plots without a contract. The projects are supplemented by infrastructure, which do not require huge financial investments: construct piers for boating, and viewing platforms, made the evening lights, create artificial lakes, etc.
Bright trend of recent months - demand is gradually shifting towards more advanced projects. As noted in "RealEkspo, plots without a contract, are popular, but now buyers are not prepared to take part in an open field, as the purpose of buying did not gain a foothold on the ground and begin to explore the territory in the foreseeable future.
The company "RealEkspo" noted that the increased demand of land with a complete set of made-up communications; finished townhouses in organized cottage communities; finished houses with plots of land of 12 hectare, country houses in the budget to $ 200 thousand
According to Victor Kovalenko, "between April an increase of calls and hits, while consumer activity is not always realized in the number of transactions. "We expect that in II half-year sales to grow in all segments", - said Victor Kovalenko.
In the projects economy-class shows more interest in areas of 8 hectare, while as before the more liquid the area considered to be 12-15 hectare. This is more acceptable budget purchase.
Purchase behavior changed. Steel demand areas of 8-10 hectare. The average size of homes also fell. Earlier houses less than 200 sq.m. hardly suggested, now a bestseller are the cottages of 100 sq. m.
With the purchase of large areas of land system of discounts.
The most popular continue to enjoy the sites with good transport accessibility, near forests, rivers and lakes.
People interested in cost-effective option, however, they are closely watched - as a built up town, whether there is communication, whether pulling road. But the buzz in the market, of course not, buyers are not so many, so the company and try to attract them, which is used not only interesting "chips" but also strongly demonstrate their reliability and stability.
Viktor Kovalenko
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