Why buy land for a dacha in the fall?

04.11.2010 09:21
Real Estate Market Analysis | Why buy land for a dacha in the fall? Residential real estate remains an attractive tool for investment. According to analysts, the profitability of investments in suburban estate land in some areas is two times higher than the yield on bank deposits.

Stable growth
From the beginning, the prices of plots in villages without a contract (sites, which are sold without built houses) increased by about 10-15%, told participants suburban real estate market. Approximately the same rate rose in price, and land in 2009, but the competition was then lower. "Since last year the supply of and demand increased by 20-25%, - says the CEO of the" Beautiful Land "Ilya Sapunov. - Therefore, the relation between the quantities of supply and demand has not changed fundamentally, and as a consequence, changes in prices on average stayed the same. "

Most raise the prices of plots in Kiev, Simferopol, Egorievsk, Novoryazanskoye Yaroslavsky and directions - there is growth in the prices of many settlements amounted to 20-25%. Most slowly became more expensive towns in Novorizhskoe, Volokolamsk and Shchelkovo highway - over the last three quarters of the plots are added to the cost by 5-13%.

Approximate cost areas within 30 km from Moscow now ranges from 150 rubles per one hundred square meters. The most expensive parts are sold in the western and southwestern areas - there is hard to find land for less than 350 thousand rubles per one hundred square meters. By 300-450 thousand one hundred square meters of land offered to the northern and southern areas, particularly in Simferopol or Dmitrovsky. But in the Yaroslavl and Shchelkovo highway is quite possible to buy the land at 150-180 thousand rubles per one hundred square meters.

In the area of so-called middle suburbs mostly sold plots of Simferopol, Novoryazanskoye Yaroslavsky and directions. Prices are already quite acceptable: for Simferopol - from 60 to 310 rubles per sq.m., according to Yaroslavsky - from 30 to 250 thousand rubles, Novoryazanskoye - 50 to 90 thousand rubles.

In the segment of the far cottages - settlements outside 70 km from Moscow - the most actively represented Simferopol, Kiev and Yaroslavl direction. The cost of land there, of course, lower than that in the near and middle suburbs. Most sites are sold at prices ranging from 55 to 200 thousand rubles for a hundred, but there are cheaper deals. For example, in 77 km from Moscow to Simferopol direction can be found one hundred square meters of land for 36 thousand rubles, and 90 km from Moscow to Yaroslavl - for 50 thousand rubles.

As for country houses, the price of them lately has not changed - its rise in price or reduction in price of the house "must" only areas in which located. The cost of most homes without the land now ranges from 4 to 8 million.

"Traditionally, the choice of settlement buyer is looking at whether there is near a forest or river, as far as convenient access to the village, as well as summing up the situation with utilities - says CEO of IDT Anton Belobzhesky. - But the key criterion influencing the choice of a country house, is the location, or, as they say developers, location, location and again location ". On the other hand, the closer to the Moscow area, the higher the price. Therefore, the "golden mean" developers are now referred to as houses and land at 30-60 km from Moscow: it was there for the majority of transactions with the suburban real estate.

Market participants state: literacy buyer is growing by leaps and bounds. "People are less likely to acquire land, if in the villages there are no signs of work, - says head of marketing UK Absolute Management Anna Shishkina. - Most will carefully examine the documentation on the site, in particular, the category of land and type of permitted use, surveying instruments, etc. In addition, potential customers are interested in the history of the company, how long she works at the market, what other projects she has. "

Prepare your cart in winter
Season 2010 on a suburban market already completed: closer to winter, people are less likely to think about buying a suburban property, and therefore market activity traditionally falls. It just can use and expect to have a winter discount. According to estimates by Anton Belobzheskogo, the size of discounts on some settlements can reach 10-20%. Especially likely organizing similar events in other towns, the implementation of which comes to an end, said Ilya Sapunov. And in these villages is a very important advantage: there is practically built the entire infrastructure - roads, fences, guard post, sports and children's playgrounds, parks, and done quite a lot of work for summing up the utilities. Therefore, site owners can expect a speedy settlement.

But with the start of the season in 2011 at a market expected to resume buying activity and, consequently, prices. According to experts, will continue to go up the cheapest areas: the north-east, east, south-east and south. Growth in their prices could reach 7-15%, whereas the remaining areas the figure is unlikely to exceed 10%.

Therefore, the land still remains an attractive target for investment. And even though winter begins discounts on it can make good money. According to analysts, the profitability of investments in the ground at least twice as high yield bank deposits. "With an average annual return of ruble bank deposits at 3-5% of land in the fast-selling settlements bring to 10% per annum," - says Anna Shishkina.

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