Which direction is better at selecting the country real estate?

12.09.2010 17:02
Real Estate Market Analysis | Which direction is better at selecting the country real estate? Recently, Kiev almost paralyzed with endless traffic jams, and pungent could feel even in the squares and parks. Not surprisingly, the number of people who live outside the capital is constantly increasing. C is a lower rate in the Kiev region grow and cottage villages, and in all geographic areas. And to make the only right decision, some of these areas will become "native", it is necessary to study in detail the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Quality Criteria
As of September 1, 2010 in the suburban real estate portal based www.zagorodna.com in Ukraine there are 563 cottage towns, including Kiev and region - 282 of the town. It is constructed of 96 townships, 92 under construction and 91 of the projected town. Sales are conducted in 60 cities located in different directions - as you can see, the choice of the buyer more than wide.

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To determine the pros and cons of each direction of cottage building better on four main criteria. The first - the transport factor - includes quality leadership to the town roads, as well as ease of entry / exit from the capital. The second - a natural factor - takes into account the picturesque surroundings, the saturation of the surrounding area with forests, lakes and rivers. The third criterion - social, ie, we consider the direction of social homogeneity. The fourth is the availability of recreation and entertainment infrastructure (restaurants, clubs, fitness centers, etc.).
By the way, about the environment. It can certainly be considered as the fifth criterion, however, according to realtors, buyer still not fully paying attention ekofaktoru. At the same time clean environment will definitely take into account the market in the near future.

Cottage classics back in vogue
Right bank of Kiev is still considered a priority for cottage construction. Identify promising directions, Victor Kovalenko - Director of consulting company "RealEkspo, identified Obukhov, Zhitomir and Odessa, Vyshgorodskiy direction based on the fact that it is - the right bank. Almost the entire business life in Kiev is focused on the right bank, but get there without hindrance from the left (passing a "plug" on the bridges) is practically impossible. On the left bank is uniquely leads Boryspilske direction.
According to marketing director Vladimir Stepenko SV Development, held in 2012 UEFA European Football Championship in Ukraine will positively affect the transport of Kiev and the region. Thus, the city authority plans to begin construction of a large ring road, respectively adjacent access roads will also improve. However, market experts believe that by this structure of demand in the directions (right / left bank) does not fundamentally change.

Obukhov direction
Obukhov direction can be divided into two sub-cluster: Staroobuhovskoe and Novoobuhovskoe. Territory of the first Staroobuhovskoy located along the route (the Metropolitan Highway): the area of database "Dinamo", the state problem, largest dam, Kozinski of the reserve, the village of Kozin, Rudyk, Plyutov, and the second - along Novoobuhovskoy Highway (Highway Dnipropetrovsk): Villages Khotov, Foresters, Hodosovka, Podgortsy, Romanko, Big Dmytrovychi Old and New Bezradichi.
In Staroobuhovskom sub-cluster along a dam built many elite campuses - from the "Golden Gate" in Koncha Zaspa and ending settlement Three Rivers near the town of Ukrainka. Most of them built on the dam - "Albatross", "Sribna Zatoka", "Dniprova Hvilya", "Klim", "Soubi," Bereginja ", and to the forest area along the highway adjacent Romanovo," Pine Forest "," Plyutovo "," Leonardo "," French Town "and others.
Along the highway Novoobuhovskoy cottage townships slightly less - "Green Guy", "Foresters", "Alexander Posad», Bosco Village, «Sun Valley, there are also several other areas of concentrated elemental, but a prestigious building in the forester's Romankovo, Podgortsy, formed a respectable array and Bezradichi.
Apex of this direction is the transport factor. Thanks to the convenient routes to the Pechersk district can be reached in 15-20 minutes, passing only one traffic light - turn left on Ave. Science. But, unfortunately, not all so perfect. For example, adjacent to the sub-cluster Staroobuhovskomu road on large dams rather narrow and already can not stand the growing flow of "coaches" for the elite: sometimes at 8 am in the direction of Kiev there poses a real urban traffic jam.
Natural factor. The richness of nature and scenic of these places attract many people. Staroobuhovskoe sub-cluster has an output either directly to the Dnieper River and its myriad channels - the yacht can moor directly at his cottage. Here is Kozinski landscape reserve area of about 1000 hectares, and the surrounding waters have long chosen by the fans of fishing. Undoubted advantage Novoobuhovskogo sub-cluster, in addition to rivers and lakes, according to hilly terrain, which gives a good overview of the windows built mansions here.
Social factor cottage settlements of this direction is the business card and a reference point for many developers. Live here most of the Ukrainian elite - politicians, bureaucrats, businessmen and wealthy foreigners.
Infrastructural factors. When construction begins, "Golden Gate" in Koncha Zaspa, the infrastructure no one thought much. Later, the objects began to appear, significantly improved the quality characteristics of this trend. True, the developers of some towns prefer not to spend money on infrastructure, hoping that residents will benefit from the neighboring villages.
However, in general infrastructure Obukhov direction is quite broad. In Concha Zaspa open restaurants "Razgulyaevo", "Merchant's yard, Dynamo-Home», in the town of "Golden Gate" - "Horseshoe", and on the causeway - New Vitrebenki. Near to. Podgortsy are restaurants "Edge Rye," "The Three Musketeers", "Chumatski Way", "Love and hunger, many mini-hotels. In Concha Zaspa located equestrian entertainment complex Royal Horse Club, a hotel complex "Country", the base of FC Dynamo and Paintball Club "Wild Geese". In sec. Hodosovka a pony club "Domino", but with. Chapaevka - Equestrian Club "pacer." Around with. Krenichi built ski center.
In the cottage near Staroobuhovskoy route developers, too, are actively developing their infrastructure. For example, organized yacht clubs in the villages with access to big water. Not a bad infrastructure is provided in the settlement Kozin - there are accommodations such as "Astarte center", "Sunny Road", "TKB" hotel with a restaurant "Visit", as well as several prestigious sanatorium complexes.
Sometimes the media is identified with the direction of the Obukhov Obukhov district. But it's not entirely true - relatively isolated areas of cottage construction is not always coincide with the territorial-administrative units. For example, the land of Odessa, Zhitomir, Warsaw (Gostomel) and part of the Obukhov area covers a large area of Kiev-Sviatoshynsky area.

Zhytomyr direction
Zhytomyr direction cottage construction, as well as Odessa, has no clear boundaries. In addition to settlements adjacent to Zhytomyr highway, here rank as towns located at a considerable distance from it. Moreover, these villages are remote and also equal to the Odessa route, because they belong to Zhitomir and Odessa direction is rather conventional.
Towns do not fit the classical scheme areas are divided by sub-clusters. For example, in Kiev Svyatoshinsky area by Sophia Borshchagovka bypassing Belogorodka and cottage village "Lakeside" in. Gorbovichah, runs a regional road Kyiv-Byszewy-Fastow, which are located near the village with an active cottage construction - Bobrytsya, Muzychi, prince and Zhornovka, a little farther along the route - and Yasnogorodka Osykove (already Makarovsky rn). Almost parallel, but farther south, the highway is cherry-Boyarka-Taking, and another south of the available territorial highway Kryukovshchina-Boyarka.
Vladimir Stepenko believes that sub-cluster is allocated, as promising area depends not only on the wealth of natural environment, the presence of rivers, lakes, woodlands, but also on many other factors, in particular, the quality of access roads of local significance. Caring for the arrangement of roads may lie on the shoulders of the developer, which greatly affect the final financial outcome of the project. In this regard, illustrative example of a cottage community "Sun City" (p. Kryukovshchina): since to him from Kiev, is a narrow single-sideband highway, the developer (the company "Infinity") promises to partially finance the expansion of the road.
In Zhytomyr direction are many projects being developed cottage settlements. So in Kiev Svyatoshinsky district implemented towns "Petrushka," Lakeside "," Forest "," Parity-Service and others. Further in this direction are being built cottage villages, which are geographically located in the area Makarov: "Olimpik-Park», «Severynivka", "Lelechy Hutir", "German settlement" and "Kalinova Mistechko.
Transport factor. Multilane high-speed Zhytomyr highway is in good condition, so even from the Makarov district in Kiev do not get hard. The highway passes in major metropolitan highway - Ave. Victory, which, despite its breadth, is famous for the morning "traffic jams" near the station. m. "Zhytomyr" and "Svyatoshino.
Natural factor. In Zhytomyr direction virtually no large bodies of water, at the same time, it is full of small rivers (primarily Irpin Butch) and lakes (in picking up, Bobrytsya, Parsley, Gorbovichah). Plains limits scenic area, but there are few forests.
Social factor. To get to many towns, it is necessary to pass through the villages, roads which are often of poor quality and have a lot of inconvenient for drivers turning and bending. On domestic routes are often the path may be blocked by livestock. However, cottage villages are built on the outskirts of settlements, and to them are some driveways that generates social autonomy, although the level of the Obukhov direction is far away.
Infrastructural factors. Of the infrastructure in Zhytomyr direction are the sports complex "Chaika" (p. Borshchagovka Peter and Paul), entertainment complexes and restaurants "Vechornitsi Club", "Two beaver", "Myslyvets-avtogril, as well as ostrich farm with a restaurant in a. Yasnogorodka.

Odessa area
In Odessa the direction of cottage villages are built in two areas - Kiev Svyatoshinsky and Vassilkovskaya. Of the already-formed small towns can be identified only "Dandy" in the Vita-Postal and equipped with an array. Hlepcha Vasilkovskaja district. Closer to Kiev constructed settlements "Sun City", "Cozy Corner" and "Zadok the Cherry" (p. Kryukovshchina), and in Vassilkovskaya area - Mayetok "(p. Ivankovichi)," Scythian "(p. Kryachko) and" Lake farm "(p. Zdorovka).
Transport factor. On the one hand, this area is characterized by the presence of European-level route Kiev-Odessa, ie, to reach the border metropolis is easy, but on the way to the center of the stumbling block is the Moscow area, the reconstruction was ongoing.
Natural factor. Scenic area due to the abundance of forests, many rivers (Stugna, Siverka) and cascades of lakes (near the villages Kruglik Saltanovka, Hlepcha and in the vicinity of Vasilkova). For example, a cottage community "Lake farm" with three sides surrounded by water bodies.
Social factor. In this direction to ensure social homogeneity is unlikely to be as up to Odessa trails often have to travel the back roads.
Infrastructure is well developed areas of Odessa - a supermarket "New Line", "MegaMax (smt Shepherds), equestrian club, an Antonov-Agro" (Kruglikov) and the "Bolivar" (p. Putrovka), hotel complex "Hunting Farm "(32-th km of the Odessa route). However, not all of cottage townships enough infrastructure. For example, the developer of "Lake hutorka" expects that people will use the infrastructure, the Vasilkov.

Warsaw area
Warsaw (Gostomel) direction historically as a dacha, dacha sanatorium thanks to arrays and resorts in Irpin, Bucha and Vorzel. At the same time centralized cottage communities are stated very little - "Clear Dawn", "Pine Region" yes array "Canadian Village". In this village Gostomel develops as a logistics center: it is already built several warehouses, and in the long term - the construction of large objects.
Transport factor. In contrast, Zhitomir and Odessa highway, Warsaw highway - a narrow two-lane road, overtaking on a rather problematic, including because of the many trucks traveling to the slides. Morning and evening on a segment of Irpin to Kiev the PPC movement extremely difficult.
Natural factor. The Warsaw area is known for its pine forests and groves, there are also lakes and rivers (Irpin Bucha), but his "Pearl" - a picturesque Pusha-Vodytsya and its surroundings.
Social factor. On the one hand, "Varshavka has some exclusivity, thanks to Pusha-Vodice with prestigious villas, resorts and lakes, but in the direction of Butch social homogeneity is not preserved.
Infrastructural factors. Infrastructure in this area are concentrated in Pusha-Vodice (hotel complex, a paintball club "Stif"), partly developed in Bucha (modern recreation center "Cascade"), Irpin (homonymous hotel with a restaurant) and. Gorenka (horse-racing club "Rodeo-2").
However, the Warsaw area abounds sanatorium institutions. And if there is only one Bucha (sanatorium "Friendly"), then in Irpen their last four (Sanatorium Irpen "," Forest "," Clear ", a boarding house with treatment" Dubki). The greatest number of hospitals located in the village Vorzel (Sanatorium "Ukraine", "Vorzel", "Dawn", "Sun", "Flag", "Star" and "Kicheevo 'boarding house with treatment" Victory "). But in general, recreation and entertainment potential of this trend is not yet exhausted.

Vyshgorod direction

Vyshgorod direction can be divided into two sub-cluster. The first - actually Vyshgorod - it's territory on the right bank of the Dnieper (Vyshgorod, pp. New and Old Petrovtsy, Lyutezh). The second sub-cluster - Desniansko - located on the left bank of the Kiev reservoir and covers a number of villages: Oseschina, Khotyanovka, Novoselky, Lower Dubetchnya Lebedivka etc.
By Vyshgorod sub-cluster includes cottage village "Dedovitsa", "New Garden", "The Goat's Back" (Vyshgorod) and cottage development on the coast of the Kyiv Sea, and in Desnyanskiy constructed towns "Vyshgorodska Brahma", "Borovik", "zhych" "European," "The Aviator", "Riviera Villas" and "charming".
Transport factor. Roads in both sub-clusters have only regional importance, so they are of good quality only here. For example, before Vyshgorod is a good way, and on to with. Dymer, it narrows and passes through the village. 10 km to the "Vyshgorodsky Brahma" - neat, but the remaining 2 miles to the entrance to the village - nezaasfaltirovany.
Natural factor Vyshgorodskiy direction, no doubt, is his winning chip. Both sub-cluster are along the shores of the Kiev Sea, besides there are many lakes, rivers and large forest tracts. These scenic spots ideal for fishing and hunting.
Social factor. Since the transport paths lead through the village, it is impossible to talk about social homogeneity direction.
Infrastructural factors. On leaving the capital, there are restaurants "cloth on the ground" and "The Castle". On the right bank of Kyiv Sea fishing developed infrastructure, a large forested area on the left allows you to fine hunt, for example, a game farm near the village. Lebedivka.

Boryspilske direction
In Borispol direction can also be divided into two sub-cluster: the actual Boryspilske and Dnieper. The first are settlements located along the highway to the airport (Small and Big Alexandrovka Chubinskoe, mountain), the second - the village in the valley of the Dnieper (Gnedyn, Cherry, procedures, and Zhovtnevoe Kiylov).
In fact Boryspil sub-cluster is more developed country construction format, and in the Dnieper is a lot of cottage townships. Except for spontaneous cottage development Osokorki, then down the Dnieper settled villages "Zoloche", "Cherry Mistechko", "Zoloche Club", "Zapovidny-1.
Transport factor. In sub-cluster Boryspil highway leading to the international airport, is maintained in excellent condition. But the most promising for developers Dnipro sub-cluster (the section from Osokorki up with. Vishenki) The road is narrow and sometimes of poor quality.
Natural factor. If Boryspilske sub-cluster is characterized by the nature of poverty and monotony of the flat topography, the picturesque banks of the Dnieper attract many people of Kiev.
Social factor. In the Dnieper sub-cluster travel through the village on rough roads is inevitable. At the same time, developers towns "Cherry Mistechko" and "Zoloche" erected in their projects seriously preschool and school establishments, Multifunctional complexes to the residents there was no need for frequent travel to Kiev.
Infrastructure of this area is quite wide. In Borispol sub-cluster is due to the proximity to the airport, and in the Dnieper - the relative development of cottage settlements. Erected along the route of restaurants "Kozatska camp", "Tiflis" and "Liubava", in with. Chubinskoe are horse-racing club "Tycoon" and Paintball Club "Gladiator", but with. Percent - "Stable Alexei Butenko.

Brovarske direction

Brovarske direction again is divided into two sub-cluster. Territory along the route to Chernigov - it is actually Brovarske sub-cluster, here in the 32 km from Kiev, built cottage villages "New Bogdanovka" and "prince." The second sub-cluster can be called Osterskim. As Desniansko, it is in the basin of the Desna river, and includes the village, focusing on the regional road (Cellar, Zazimya, Puff). Around these scenic spots well developed spontaneous cottage development.
Transport factor here is twofold. On the one hand to the cottage settlement "New Bogdanovka" is a broad highway Kiev-Chernigov. On the other - Regional winding road through the village. But the main problem is the need to move to the right bank of Kiev in the bridge with constant congestion.
Natural factor Brovarskiy direction can not be called his trump card. The landscape is monotonous, mostly flat, with small forests and waterways (b. Trubezh). Desniansko sub-cluster is attractive in terms of beauty landscape, but spring floods Gums make these areas vulnerable.
Social factor. Duch, here are a few, mostly built modern houses. However, due to close proximity to human settlements social homogeneity cottage arrays could not resist.
Infrastructural factors. Recreation and entertainment infrastructure is concentrated in Brovary. Here are the sports and horse riding clubs "Pharaoh", "Fortune" and "Peregrine" pool "Kupava" entertainment complex "The Terminal" and the hotel complex "Sport". Desna infrastructure sub-cluster development is much smaller - one of the few institutions is the tavern "Crane" in. Puff.

Expert Commentary:
Victor Kovalenko, the head of the portal www.zagorodna.com:
The most promising are those areas where there is land for projects, residential estates and there is a demand for real estate by private investors. To those include Zhitomir, Odessa, Boryspil and Obukhov.
At the moment the most developed Obukhov direction. Since the number of new towns is now at the design stage, it will continue to remain a priority. Despite the relatively large number of cottage settlements in this area is suitable for projects townships of land, but their prices are often inflated. This is the main factor that reduces the intensity of the development of the market area, compared, for example, with an abundance of free territory of Zhytomyr direction.
I would point out the good tracks in Boryspil, Zhitomir and Odessa areas, as well as a good way to Vyshgorod. The only area where the quality of access roads remain low and, accordingly, there is constant traffic jams occur - is Warsaw. But by and large, wherever there are roads of varying quality.

Victor Kovalenko
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