Where to look for suburban housing size «mini «?

26.11.2010 06:03
Real Estate Market Analysis | Where to look for suburban housing size «mini «? The cost of housing - one of the main selection criteria. Because of the notorious budget crisis homebuyers declined, and it spodvigli developers to seek new solutions. In the segment of suburban housing one of them - Minimalism: Sq Feet reduced the size of houses and sites are selected more simple materials and design, and hence reduced and prices.

On these proposals, trends and prices in the market-town "mini-estate", to which can be roughly classified apartment in a cottage village area to 90 square meters. m, townhouses area up to 60-120 square meters. m, and individual homes in the 50-150 square meters. m, tells portal suburban and overseas property www.zagorodna.com

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The quest for minimalism

In 2008, the crisis faced by developers with a sharp drop in demand for suburban property. Big expensive houses and townhouses, bought extremely reluctant, and developers were forced to reconsider building plans in favor of high-quality objects of economy class, before the crisis, proposed a comparatively rare. The company's analysts' RealEkspo, conducting regular surveys of country market, noted a general trend: in almost all segments of the "fence" area and own residential properties and land decreased and continued to shrink.

In particular, the results of the first half of 2010 show that came on the market at home ekenom-class area of 35 sq m (Pine Forest Villas). The same can be said about the townhouses. Thus, the company began construction of Deca Apart townhouse in Podgortsy Obukhov district with an area of apartments from 60 to 180 sqm.

Director of RealEkspo "Victor Kovalenko said:" Now developers suburban towns, to draw correct conclusions from the experience of the implementation of urban residential real estate economy class, began to market a low cost package deals, ready to move. "

Cost reduction is obtained by reducing the area of facilities and land plots of land, cheaper construction materials out of the design and development of infrastructure. Thus was formed a country mini-format ". The first swallows have become villages of prefabricated houses with floor space up to 100 square meters. Made by a Canadian or Finnish technology, in areas 5.10 acres, with 5 kW of electricity, well and septic.
For example, a cottage community "Cottage Village (Makarovsky an area of houses from 55 to 140 sq ft and the cost of 1 square meter, from 387 dollars.

Buyers are keenly responded to such suggestions. "80-150 square meters of heated area - is the most popular size of houses in the villages of economy-class", - says Victor Kovalenko.

But talking about the saturation of the market-town malometrazhnymi objects too early. "Many developers still prefer a" quick money "in the form of plots without a contract, or" super-profits "in the form of huge houses," - says Victor Kovalenko.

But there are objective reasons. Such objects are advantageous only create large areas of building at least 40 hectares of land, and in the immediate vicinity of the already failed backbone of communications: "We need the economies of scale to minimize the burden of utilities per square meter of built housing," - says Artem Novikov (Dialog Classic ), and if these costs are not minimized, the cost of the project will not be low, and then more advantageous to build a more spacious home. Naturally, the best for a "mini-size" construction sites is not so much.

Features "mini-home"

"Country" malometrazhki "mainly offered at less prestigious areas:
Makarovsky area Borodyansky area. You can find a mini-format "is quite real: the home area of 100 square meters. m are constructed often not more than 30 km from Kiev and the Kiev-Brispolskom Svyatoshynskyi areas (Forest, Pine Forest, Ivankov, Green Hills), town square to the 90-120 square meters. m - usually less than 20 km from the district ", - said Victor Kovalenko.

All market specialists in solidarity and that the construction of such facilities can not be any question of self-closing the communication, all supplied centrally. But if the object is still under construction, can be phased payment of utilities and pipelines.

"Usually in such villages are attached to the communication standard assortment: well at 2 sites, a septic tank. Well as electricity, but for reasons of cost is usually only 5 kw - notify Yuri Meer (Roslavichi) - gas is not always met. " "But if the project offers apartments and townhouses, the gas is required", - says Yuri Meeer.

Well, as regards land, the more often the buyers of small cottages get 6-8 with a maximum of 10 hectare of land, and residents of townhouses - 1,5-3 weave.

Not deprived estates "mini-size" and a modest set of infrastructure: the village usually has a guard, parking, grocery and hardware stores, playgrounds, and common sports facilities and clinics.

Mini - Projects
Objects with houses only "mini-format" in the market until there are not many, but they can add cost settlements, which among other things, offered shelter and small-area facilities, so the choice of the customers there.

Among villages with malometrazhnym housing are the following towns: Pine Forest Villas, Green Hills, Forest, Pine Forest, Ivankov, summer village, Gorenichi, Pine edge.

"Mini" is waiting for further success
Today the market is further reduction in average size of homes sold and a decrease in the average area of land cutting. "So trendsetery obviously make the emphasis on" mini-format. By next spring, such objects, in our opinion, are the most popular products and become a driving force demand in the next year. Growing interest in this segment and from the developers, because the world has long experience has shown that forgo income in favor of the turnover is justified ", - says Victor Kovalenko.

"And next year we expect out of such projects on a large enough quantity. In addition, we are waiting Multiformatness majority of new suburban housing facilities, in addition to individual homes will be building townhouses and malokvartirnymi houses with an area of apartments in an average of about 50-70 sq ft "- promises Victor Kovalenko.

It is obvious that with increasing demand will increase and prices of such objects, but they will contain an increase in supply and competition, and therefore, according to Artem Novikov "mini" only go up in prestigious places.
Victor Kovalenko
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