Where to buy hatynku?

27.09.2010 17:39
Real Estate Market Analysis | Where to buy hatynku? The market prices of real estate by the sea every year are rising. Our Crimean been razed to the European ones. Demand for real estate in the investment attractive recreational areas are also growing steadily.

Who buys a house or apartment, to get the money, who - to send a family on vacation, who - in order to rent. We investigated the features of buying property in Ukraine, Spain, Greece, Bulgaria and Cyprus.

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Why here? First, the unique nature. Second, do not need any visas, a set of documents: gathered - and a few hours already zharishsya in the sun. Thirdly, you know for sure what it is you pour out, in terms of taxes and rent. Some benefits! That's just the price ...

Today the housing market in the Crimea has been mixed. Since this is an attractive investment area, build a lot of new luxury housing, which costs correspondingly high. In some regions, "primary" notes real estate prices, which can be equated to the price of housing in the historic part of Kiev.

The most expensive housing is, of course, in Yalta. One box is in new costs from two thousand to five thousand dollars (in the center or near the sea with beautiful views out the window. And about 1,5 thousand - in the suburbs. In the secondary market is cheaper - the same 1,5 thousand, but downtown.

Expensive housing and in Sevastopol (from $ 850 per square meter), Evpatoria (from 685), Koktebel (800). Even on the peninsula Tarhankut that a few years ago was the least populated areas of the Crimea, prices soaring - from $ 700 per square meter.

Compared with last year real estate of Crimea has risen on average by 40-50%.

If you want to relax in solitude, without neighbors, you can buy a cottage, house or cottage on the southern coast of Crimea, not far from the sea. Such whimsy is from 100,000 to one million dollars, depending on square footage and condition of the building, the size plot.

Additional costs (taxes, other fees) will be from 2% to 5% of the cost.


In Greece, more than 3000 islands and eight warm months of the year. It is no wonder that real estate is in high demand. Property owners offer a multiple Schengen visa and exempt from tax when you re buying property. But to get a residence permit is much more complicated than in the same Cyprus.

The range of real estate prices in Greece is quite wide: from 500-700 euros per square meter. m depending on the area, region, distance from the sea floor (the higher the price).

If you count all the real estate taxes, you get a total of approximately 15% of the fair value of acquired assets. But if money were imported into Greece, the buyer can expect a 50 percent tax credit. Annual property tax levy, if the estimated value of real estate is more than 200 thousand euros (about 50% of actual value. He is 100-200 euros a year, and include the electricity bill.


In Spain, a large coastline, so you can choose the area of climate on the taste: temperate maritime, mediterranean and continental. And when it is already selected, then decide on the housing. Undoubtedly, this is a profitable investment. Spanish real estate is constantly increasing in price. In recent years, appreciation was 10-15%.

In addition, buying property in Spain allows the owner and his family members to obtain a Schengen multivisa year with a right of residence in Spain 90 days to six months. A year later extend the visa, and so - many times.

Prices compared with the Crimea are not that high. Apartments in high rise buildings are worth 70-170 thousand euro. So-called bungalows - houses for two or more owners who have more land - from 300 thousand

Detached house, the cottage can be found from 80 thousand euro (in case the building needs repair) and approximately 150 thousand euros for a new villa. There is no upper limit.

By design: when buying real estate the buyer must first obtain from the local police so-called alien identification number, and then register the property in the Registro de Propiedad (Property Registry). Additional costs (taxes, etc.) constitute 8-15% of actual value.

However, the utility bills in Spain are relatively small: a family of 3-4 people water, gas and electricity will cost about 600 euros per year.


Winters are actually not. 320 sunny days a year. The swimming season is open year round! Now only hear, I want to buy a house in Cyprus ... True, much of "our" already implemented such a dream that some regions of the island resemble the Russian reservation.

Prices on the Cyprus real estate in recent years caught up with the prices of Spanish. However, the associated costs significantly lower, plus a fairly simple procedure of registration of all necessary documents. Property owners in Cyprus receive annual multiple visa. If there is a desire to live permanently in Cyprus, then it is possible to obtain a residence permit (if you provide a certificate from the bank that you are guaranteed a comfortable stay on the island, and the recommendations of the Cypriot company.

Non-residents can purchase a Cyprus apartment or a house on the plot, which size does not exceed 4,012 square meters. m, and a similar-sized plot of land undeveloped. To do this, obtain a special permission of Council of Ministers. Give it quite simply, if you run a number of conditions: submit a contract to purchase real estate, copy of passport and bank statement on the availability of money in your account. This requires that the property was paid for by money earned is not in Cyprus.

In Cyprus, the owners of apartments and houses worth over 223 thousand dollars (100 thousand Cyprus pounds) annually levy a tax on real estate. The amount of tax (0,25-0,4%) varies depending on the cost of housing.

When buying real estate the additional cost would amount to 1% - a maximum of 2% of actual value. Utilities will cost about 1,561 dollars a year. Apartments in Cyprus are of 133 thousand dollars, Villas - from 334 thousand dollars.


Bulgarian real estate market is booming and is attractive for investors, because after the accession of Bulgaria to the European Union scheduled a sharp rise in property prices. However, while prices incomparably lower real estate prices countries - EU member states. Flats in Bulgaria can be purchased at a price of 40 thousand euros, the villa - from 70 thousand euro. Now along the popular resorts along the stunning beaches are a big building.

Land in Bulgaria, according to the area can be purchased at prices ranging from 30 to 120 euros per square meter. m

During the real estate operations of the territorial tax office assesses the value of the property specified in the Notary Act (it is 50% of the real deal), and the real price of the deal, which carry the actual calculations. Base for taxation is the estimated value of real estate. From it determine the size of the state tax on the transaction, as well as tax and notary fees. Generally speaking, all those payments will constitute about 4% of the appraised value of the property.

In the case of a national real estate acquisition in Bulgaria, he has the ability to obtain multiple-entry business visa for one year.
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