Where and for how much you can lift a house for the summer?

02.06.2010 13:55
Real Estate Market Analysis | Where and for how much you can lift a house for the summer? At 30 km from Kiev can be rented a house for $ 100 a month.
The closer the summer heat, the less like to experience it at the city asphalt and concrete boxes of multi-storey buildings.
That stretches the people of the city, temporarily moving back to the cottages and summer houses - their own or rented for the summer. Most of the surveyed realtors have confirmed that this year the demand for suburban housing rent for the summer than in the past. A director of Borispol AN "sky" Yuri Sevastyuk put more precisely: "I am more than ever, said this year that many people do not want to buy vacation homes, but prefer to rent for the summer. This is generally the first year, when I watch this activity for the rental of country houses and cottages. I would like to add a comment to the expert, not people do not "do not want to buy holiday homes", but can not because of onerous conditions of the mortgage. That increased demand for rental of country houses.

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To understand what we want - not enough, we must also be able to find what they want. There are several ways to search for summer cottages.
Realtor. The simplest solution - to turn into a real estate agency. And then just consider those options that they offer you. But the "easiest" does not always mean "best." Although, if only because the bulk of really efficient and successful option for real estate agencies do not exist - they are not in the database, because the owners of such houses in the agency, as a rule, do not apply. And the realtors themselves are reluctant to tinker with the cheap houses, because their livelihoods depend on the price of rent. Director, Academy of Sciences "New Address" Tatiana Kotenko formulates it this way: "We wonder if the rent is not less than $ 500 a month. But mostly in the agency treated if they want $ 1000.
Search for inquiries. The second obvious way - to explore their own Real Estate website and bulletin board on the Internet, printed promotional publications. It can detect interesting options, "not notice" realtors. For example, take Irpen and its surroundings (Bucha, Gostomel). One of the leaders of the local real estate agents told us that in these settlements and the surrounding suburban towns home for the summer on the "democratic prices" did not pass. Nevertheless, spending a couple of hours searching, we found some good options up to $ 500 per month.
However, and this search path leaves out many interesting suggestions, particularly from not too mutilated civilization "paradise". Many owners of homes and would never advertise in the Kiev newspaper, not to mention such exotic to them things like the Internet. Moreover, if we look for a house in a specific area, the ads may be too little, or they may be absent altogether.
Take, for example, the village Babintsy Borodyansky district, from which a straight line to the Kiev district, only 28 km. Clean air, forest, field and lake, which last summer housed several swans. Convenient to transportation - 7 km to the railway station Klavdiev where trains go to the capital. From 's through Klavdiev easy reach of Kiev and the minibus. In this area, very well maintained house can be rented for 1000 USD. per month, and even cheaper. If half of a house with separate entrance - can bargain for 400-500 USD. But neither the web nor in the Kiev newspaper ads like I could not be traced.
Take heels. Therefore, if you are really interested to find exactly what suits you, will be active and take responsibility. Moreover, the very process of searching can turn in an entertaining adventure, and physical activities.
It is not difficult in the near newsagent to buy a map of the Kiev region. By carefully studying it that interest you directions, selecting the zone with attractive for your type of landscape, noting the long-term data, and village settlements. After that - consistently avoid them, starting with the nearest railway stations. The stations can often buy local (district) advertising newspaper, which has some interesting announcements of rental property. In addition, all posts, fences or other suitable surface on the territory of the station and close to her taped ads - this is one of the basic information and advertising sites for residents of the surrounding settlements. We now have to drive around the village you selected and chalet villages, talk to local residents, the chairpersons of summer community. And for one weekend you will have the choice of a couple-three dozen current and interesting options for rental homes in those places that you really like.
Costantin Ryapolov
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