What will the real estate market in 2014 year?

27.12.2013 00:30
Real Estate Market Analysis | What will the real estate market in 2014 year? 13 - number of mysterious. Metaphysical. Having a special energy. If 2012 was marked by "euro" and was the logical outcome of the preparation of the previous years, the year 2013 - it is rather a look into the future. What will it be? Since the beginning of the year in the legislative field started the long-awaited reform of property rights registration . Earned a new state register of real rights on real estate. It registered the ownership of all real estate and land plots in Ukraine , as well as all subsidiary rights , such as rent , and other easements and encumbrances of those rights: mortgage, bans , arrests , etc. It replaced the previously existing Registries of ownership of real property , which led the local Bureau of Technical Inventory and the State Register of mortgages , the Unified State Register of prohibitions on alienation of immovable property, the State register of transactions ( Pravochyn ) and the State Land Cadastre - in terms of registration of land rights and encumbrances.

Accordingly, all of 2013 the real estate market has adjusted to the new order , offered , sometimes quite successfully , ways to improve the new system resulted in his property and plans in line with the new reality . Important achievements was the opening of access to the registry and notaries perform certain registration procedures , simplification of procedures for registration of rights to land plots of state and municipal property , removing the need for approval of lesser registration actions the central office of the State Registration Service and others.

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On the agenda are still questions of transferring data from previously existing registers new registry , registration of leases of agricultural land , which Ukrgosreestr until physically unable to cope , further decentralization of the registration authority, which should lead to the acceleration of depreciation and services for this market . Obviously, this is a problem in 2014.

The real estate market , including the development of new sites , there has been some recovery in comparison with previous years. Difficult to determine the reasons for this revival . Hardly have time to talk about economic recovery in the country. Rather, it may be due to the stabilization of the post-crisis status quo , which gives the most daring investors the opportunity to somehow anticipate future developments and plan their investments accordingly .

In light of the social and political events at the end of November and December 2013 to make predictions for the year 2014 has become much more difficult. Now it's hard to predict the further development of these same events. It would be desirable , of course, to celebrate the New Year and Christmas in a good mood , so we believe that the outcome of these events will not lead to serious consequences for the market.
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