What, where and how much you can buy in Bulgaria?

04.04.2011 13:46
Real Estate Market Analysis | What, where and how much you can buy in Bulgaria? On the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, which are already familiar millions of tourists can find accommodation to suit every taste. But there are other regions of this welcoming the Balkan country.

Seaside resorts

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Real estate on the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, Russians often buy for their own recreation. Some of the people to surrender bought "summer" houses for rent to other tourists. There are those who choose the Black Sea coast for permanent residence.

Conventionally, the coastal territory of Bulgaria can be divided into north and south. To the north are the largest sea city of Varna and its surrounding resorts - Albena, Golden Sands, St. Constantine and Helen. In the south of Burgas with the surroundings - the resort of Sunny Beach, a town-museum Nessebar, Pomorie, Sozopol, Tsarevo, St. Vlas and other smaller settlements. This division is not so much a geographical as a price: real estate in the north is more expensive.

There are several reasons. First, the "northern" resorts are a long-standing popular with tourists, respectively, their infrastructure is better developed. In addition, they are located close to Varna - the third largest city in Bulgaria.

"The cost of real estate in the northern part of the coast, particularly at the Golden Sands, is indeed higher than in the south. In my opinion, this is primarily due to the fact that there is no new sites for construction. The resort is surrounded by a nature reserve, so the EU banned lead there is new construction. The case when the owner demolished the old 'Soviet' 20-storey hotel, to build a new facility. In southern parts of the construction as there is, accordingly, lack of land does not raise prices, "- says a representative of the international department of the company" JORDAN BUILD LTD Sergei Anikeyev.

Meanwhile, property values ??have played an important role for the Russians. According to Georgi Georgiev, head of the company PROPERTYINTERIOR, 80% of homebuyers in the sea in Bulgaria are interested in the economy segment. People generally expect to buy the studio (it's a living room, which highlighted a kitchenette, a compact hallway and bathroom), cost about ? 20 thousand and one-bedroom apartments for? 25 thousand

By the way, on the coast of Bulgaria you can find cheaper options. For example, a buyer with a budget of up to ? 15 thousand can count on a tiny studio on the outskirts of Sunny Beach. More information about the most cost-effective market offerings described in the article "Housing costs a garage."

The average price segment on the Bulgarian coast of the objects represented by the cost? 40-80 thousand from the cheaper options, they differ primarily construction quality. "Knock on the wall of a cheap apartment, you immediately realize that the walls in a house made of plywood. More expensive items are built of brick, hence, noise reduction in them would be better. In addition, the developer will not save on the finishing of apartments, install quality windows, doors, plumbing, - says a leading specialist company RENTSALE Elizabeth Zubarev. - Also on the price impact location. First line for? 20 thousand you definitely will not find anything. The internal infrastructure of the building in the business and economy class may be the same as in Bulgaria, almost all apartment complexes have a minimal set of additional amenities - cafes, swimming pool, gym.

Of course, the market is smart and proposals, worthy of the most discerning buyers. For example, a five-level villa with its own spa on the northern coast near Kavarna for? 1.2 million, "If this property is located in Spain or Italy, it would have cost? 6.5 million, - says Irina Aysova, director SunlifeOOD. - This is a very high quality facility, but the demand is limited. Most wealthy consumers are guided by a more stable markets. Only a few Russians are interested in luxury real estate in Bulgaria. Maybe something will change after the country joined the Schengen zone. "

In popularity among buyers who plan to move to the Black Sea coast of Bulgaria, Burgas and Varna in the lead. It is not only the infrastructure component of the major tourist centers. According to realtors, in fact, only these cities live a full life all year round, and small resorts in the winter is completely asleep. "Even in this long-popular resort of Golden Sands as winter closes many stores and restaurants. Products, you can probably buy, but for something more serious need to go to Varna. For this reason, I think, real estate, resorts are not suitable for permanent residence ", - says Sergey Anikeyev.

These nuances should be considered when selecting an object on the Bulgarian coast. Either you enjoy year-round availability of entertainment and social infrastructure, but mirishsya with crowds of tourists that fill the major resort centers in the summer. Either you choose a more peaceful settlement and agree to sacrifice some comforts. Who is closer ...

Many buyers do not plan to move to Bulgaria for permanent residence and property on the coast get to lease it from time to time to rest himself.

"It is difficult to clearly answer whether favorably now in Bulgaria, rent property for rent. Usually Russians buy small studio for? 25-30 thousand, however, pass a flat would be very difficult, as tourists come to Bulgaria and families in need of more spacious housing. Therefore, buying a studio only makes sense to enjoy myself, and two-bedroom apartment can be advantageous to try to rent "- say in the company of the Villa on the sea."

Bulgaria above sea level

Accommodation in the ski and spa resorts are interested in an active winter recreation advocates and people who want to improve their health. Buyers attracted by the cost of real estate, which is much lower than on the more popular European destinations. However, many recognize that the Bulgarian "Carlsbad" and "Courchevel" still lacks the quality of service and spa culture. Some say that outside the hotel and the route there sometimes have nothing to do.

Real estate in the ski and spa resorts in Bulgaria, many Russians still seem exotic. But this is only because our countrymen have not yet fully explored all the possibilities in these regions of Bulgaria. Although, according to realtors, the situation is slowly changing. "In the last two or three years, Russian interest has grown, though still leads the Black Sea coast. However, from our point of view, for a relaxing stay better fit exactly objects in the mountainous regions of Bulgaria, where not many tourists, "- noted in the real estate company" Tonic ".

In recent years, the popular spa resorts - Velingrad and Sandanski - began construction today of the "closed" residential complexes. Especially actively built up Velingrad, which recently announced the spa capital of the Balkans. "In today's complex is available for studio? 23-28 thousand square 30-40" squares. " The average square meter in the primary market is estimated at? 550-600. Proposals of the secondary market in these regions, there is little, since the construction there is recent, and selling "freshly bought" home owners in no hurry "- add experts" Tonic ". Incidentally, the Russians, who have already managed to draw attention to the spa resorts in Bulgaria, interested mostly furnished studios and one bedroom apartments in Velingrad.

Among the ski resorts of Borovets, Pamporovo, Bansko in popularity among Russians leading the latter. This is partly due to lower housing prices. "In Bansko you can find the cheapest option, since there is a large selection of properties in various price categories. And in Pamporovo and Borovets have not yet managed to build many projects in different segments "- According to the company« Excel Property Bulgaria LTD ».

"Another reason for the popularity of Bansko is that it is a living city, while others are more reminiscent of hotel complexes. Also in Bansko state plans to spend the money to build another platform, because of the lack of which is still having a queue of those wishing to ski. Plus - there are held sports tournaments, a jazz festival, and in general, the city lives an active life "- says Danielle Todorov, a consultant for the sale of real estate partner of Bulgaria."

The biggest demand is for low-cost items of the primary market worth up to ? 50,000. For this money you can buy a one bedroom apartment in a modern complex. According to the specialist, the price also depends on how well developed internal infrastructure of the complex (swimming pool, SPA, gym, etc.), how far it is from the lift. "The minimum price for a small studio in Bansko -? 17-20 thousand times advertised and more expensive options - for? 10-13 thousand, but as a rule, there are some drawbacks - adds Danielle Todorov. - Also in Bansko is a supply and the secondary market. Three years ago, they are actively buying real estate British, and now some of these flats for sale.

Metropolitan Style

Special interest for the Russians may be a property in Sofia. As a rule, accommodation in the capital gain are people who expect to move to Bulgaria for permanent residence, they think to find jobs or start their own business in the Balkans.

Regular residence in the resort village or town-museum many seem tedious. In addition, the infrastructure of small towns in Bulgaria are often not happy with people who are accustomed to the opportunities of large cities. And settled in the capital, you can not only work, but nice to relax. They say the locals in the winter skiing in Vitosha mountain, which is located on the outskirts of Sofia, and in summer are riding in a car on the Greek Aegean coast.

"In recent years, foreigners, especially Russian, are showing an interest in real estate Sofia. Usually, clients are interested in a one-bedroom apartment in modern residential complexes in downtown areas. The cost of real estate in the capital depends primarily on the location of the residential facility. But on average, should focus on? 900 per sqm. m. The secondary market is less Sofia attracts Russians "- shares observations about the preferences of our fellow founder BG Hot Property LTD Tanya Natalenko.

According to the specialist, the minimum cost of housing in the primary market, Sofia, real estate - about ? 45-50 thousand for this money you can buy a small studio in downtown areas. However, such offers very little, as in residential complexes in Sofia often build apartments with separate rooms. To purchase a one-bedroom apartments to have a sum of? 50-60 thousand

The Bulgarian "backwoods"

According to realtors, housing options in rural areas are usually considered retirees who want to move from Russia to Bulgaria. Home in the outback also bought by people for whom a half-hour trip by car to the sea is not an obstacle. And the cheapest offer rural property for those who want to get multivisa.

Properties in Bulgarian province - is usually a separate private-standing homes in small villages. In this segment there are just phenomenally cheap deals. Let's say a couple of thousand euros is quite possible to become owner of your own villa with a spacious garden.

However, for such a low price always lie some additional costs. Typically, the object property is in poor condition and requires repair, however, offered a good and large land plots, which may be of particular interest. Often the cheapest items are in the sparsely populated "endangered" villages, which are therefore not interested in the Bulgarians. For example, in the village Belevren Burgas area house for sale for? 3,5 thousand In the village resides just 16 people. Previously, similar proposals have been more, but after a heavy fall in prices in 2008, many owners prefer to "hold" their facilities to better times.

Prices for homes in the province of Bulgaria, depend not only on the size of the village, but also on where the locality. For example, even in a small village near the sea or the sea such a house would cost a lot more expensive - about ? 40-50 thousand "The cheapest region in Bulgaria - an area of ??the Danube. There's high unemployment rate. The population there is leaving to work in big cities. Therefore, you can buy a nice big house for? 3-5 thousand "- said sales manager Constanta Properties Ltd Dimitar Dimitrov.

According to him, the demand for cheap (up to ? 5 thousand) real estate in Bulgaria is quite large, including the part of Russian citizens. "Russian attracts that Bulgaria will soon enter the Schengen area. And also the fact that by buying cheap properties, they can get multivisa for the year "- explains the motives of buyers Dimitar Dimitrov.

Of course, in a house for the seller asks a couple of thousand euros, without additional capital investments to live comfortably will not work. But the mere existence of such offers a good illustration of the situation with property prices in the Bulgarian provinces. If on the coast for? 25 thousand buyer can rely only on a compact studio, then in the village for the money you can buy a spacious house with its own large garden. Moreover, villages in Bulgaria is different, including very large ones. And that means, and basic infrastructure will be there. And the sea can always be reached by car. According to realtors, real estate listings are often considered retirees who plan to move to Bulgaria for permanent residence.

In the study of such options must take into account difficulties with registration of land ownership. Due to the fact that the Bulgarian laws to make out the land to foreign nationals are prohibited, will open a Bulgarian legal entity to which the property will be registered. This path goes all the foreign buyers of private holiday homes in Bulgaria.

As noted in the company BulRos Invest, the financial cost of registration of legal entities in Bulgaria amount to about ? 600, and the time - within a month. And a Russian citizen can leave a power of attorney to conduct all the procedures to his representative in Bulgaria.

In short, in Bulgaria, you can find properties to suit every taste and for different purposes. Learn more about the advantages and disadvantages of purchasing housing in this Balkan country, see the article "Real estate in Bulgaria: the pros and cons.


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