What to invest: the land is not near Kiev

23.04.2008 00:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | What to invest: the land is not near Kiev If you want to make money on the purchase and sale of land, do not look near Kiev. Better pay attention to the regions.

Last year, the council would have been different. According to SV Development, in January 2007, a plot of land on the outskirts of the capital would cost you on average $ 3500 for a hundred. Selling it in December 5864 for the dollar, you would earn 67%. Given official inflation rate in 16.6%, you would still remain a substantial plus.

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Especially great were investing in land and Brovarskom Vyshgorod areas. There, the average land value for 2007 increased by 111% and 95.43% respectively.

Further land profitably in Borodyansky - by 71,5%, Kiev Svyatoshinsky - 70,2%, Vassilkovskaya - at 69.43%, Obukhov - 60,9% and Borispol - 49.85% - areas.

This year, investment in land near Kiev, in fact, unprofitable. The average price from January to March increased by 4.96% to 6,155 dollars, and inflation was 9.7%.

In particular, in the first quarter Kagarlyk land area has increased in price by 12.27% in Baryshevsky - by 10.81% in Borodyansky district - to 7.15% in Brovarskom - on 7,08%, in Borispol - to 5.72% in Vassilkovskaya - at 4.93%, in Kiev Svyatoshinsky area at 3.82%, in the Obukhov - at 3.76%.

According to experts, the earth in the Kiev region will continue to go up, but slowly.

"Land in the suburbs of the capital will grow, is expected to increase by 5-10%," - think Sergey Golub, director of analysts 'Kansas'.

"The price of land in the Kiev region will grow, but not rapidly as demand for its balanced" - I agree with him director of marketing for SV Development Vladimir Stepenko.

His prediction in 2008, land near Kiev go up on average by 25%.

"In the Obukhov, Kiev Svyatoshinsky (18%), Vassilkovskaya and Brovarskom (to 22-31%). In Obukhov district - 16,6% -17%, Kiev Svyatoshinsky - 17% Vyshgorod - 22%, Vassilkovskaya - 33%, and Borodyansky - 31%. more expensive land in the district centers (Fastow, 25-56%) "- predicts Stepenko

Experts recommend to pay attention to the regions.

According to SV Development, in 2007, went up the most land in recreation areas: on the outskirts of Yalta, the value of land increased by 50%. In the Odessa region, the land near the sea has risen by 60%. 50% increase in prices of land in Lviv region. Allotments in Kharkov region increased in price by 20-30%. In the Donetsk region of the earth rose in price by 25-30%.

Analysts say with confidence that the land in the regions will become more expensive.

"In regions of the land value will increase to 50% depending on the lack of space.

Land price will rise in Donetsk, Odessa, Yalta, Kharkiv, Lviv, on the southern coast of Crimea. Will also go up in the suburbs - depending on city development ", - said Golub.

"Land price will rise substantially in the cities millionikah, 2-3 years - in the regional centers. Strong prices will go up on the southern coast of Crimea", - predicts Vladimir Stepenko.

But when you buy land you need to consider not only the overall outlook in the region, but prospects for a particular site.

At the cost of the land affected by many factors: the proximity of transport, timber or pond, the presence of utilities (gas, electricity).

"A small area in Koncha Zaspa, which initially seemed profitable, fell in its price after having been purchased and fenced larger near him. Thus, a small area was cut off from the forest, and its value has fallen sharply" - leads Stepenko example.

But at high risk land is potentially a very successful investment.

"Investing in land is uniquely beneficial," - says Golub.
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