What to expect from the real estate market in September 2012?

30.08.2012 13:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | What to expect from the real estate market in September 2012? If you view the dynamics of real estate prices in August 2012, it becomes obvious that the secondary housing market in Ukraine demonstrates continuity over the entire year. In Odessa, prices have not changed, in Kiev, Dnipropetrovsk, Kharkiv and Donetsk prices rose slightly in Lviv celebrated insignificant decline in prices.

The maximum increase of 0.37% was recorded in the Kharkov region, the minimum - in Dnipropetrovsk (0.08%), Donetsk (0.09%) and Kiev (0.21%), according to "Business".

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This trend can be explained first of all the general stability of the economic situation in the country, minor fluctuations in inflation and calm in the foreign exchange market.

Prices fell slightly in Lviv (-0.07%), which is largely due not stagnant processes, and short-term market imbalances in the context of actual transactions (slightly increased number of transactions in the housing market class "economy", the cost of 1 sq. m. Which slightly below the average market price).

Over the last month prices rose insignificantly and not the largest cities - Khmelnitsky (0.12%), Simferopol (0.09%), Nikolaev (0.07%), Uzhgorod (0.10%), Kherson (0, 14%) and Chernihiv (0.06%).

Do not lose in value-bedroom apartments
At present the trend of reduction in price and four-bedroom apartments. Whereas the main increase in the cost is passed on one-and two-bedroom apartments.

Secondary housing market the largest number of sales contracts today is the cheapest economy class segment (apartments cost $ 48-77 million), as well as a bit in the middle price segment - $ 77-90 thousand interest retained on flat business class houses in the center of cities and are up to 10 years in the most popular areas.

In August, according to SV Development, the capital was concluded in 1960 buying and selling second homes, which is 6.5% more than the number of transactions in July.

Often buy two-bedroom apartments
The greatest demand among customers in August 2012 used a two-bedroom apartment, the purchase of which accounted for about 48% of transactions (in one room - 43% of transactions, while the demand for three and more - 9%).

In this case, 66% of all deals in Kiev have to buy apartments worth up to $ 100 thousand, 23% in the price range of 100 to 200 thousand dollars, and 11% - in the category of over 200 thousand dollars.

Next month, the company expects the number of transactions at the level of 2000-2200, due to the fall season, general activation of the market amid mixed economic growth and prospects of the currency market. Traditionally, the greatest demand will be two-bedroom apartments, which have about 47-52% of all transactions, 42-45% will take one-bedroom apartments and 9-12% will be objects with three bedrooms or more.

If we talk about the average cost per square meter of secondary housing in Kyiv then it will be $ 1873/kv. m A one-room apartment in the capital is available for $ 60-64 thousand

"According to our forecasts, the maximum number of deals (65-68%) will be recorded in the segment to $ 100 thousand, 22-25% in the price range from $ 100 thousand to $ 200 thousand and 10-13% - in the category of over $ 200 thousand "- sums up the marketer SV Development Sergei Kostecki.
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