What to expect from the real estate market in February 2014

06.02.2014 00:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | What to expect from the real estate market in February 2014 If you view the dynamics of real estate prices in January 2014, it will become apparent that due to the ongoing fifth month falling prices and new legislative changes observed total / notional price stabilization in prices due to lower activity of buyers and reduce the number of transactions, writes Delo.Ua. Statistics show that in some cities prices have not changed - in some places up somewhere down .

The maximum decrease by 0.26 % recorded Kiev and Odessa (0.13 %). Rose - in Kharkiv (0.18 %) , Donetsk (0.25 %) , Dnipropetrovsk (0.17 %) and Lviv (0.21 %).

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Over the past month prices have changed insignificantly and not the largest cities in the country - Khmelnitsky ( minus 0.13 %) , Simferopol ( unchanged 0.00%) , Nikolaev (minus 0.10% ) , Chernigov (up 0.16 %) , Kherson ( unchanged 0.00%) , Uzhgorod ( unchanged 0.00%) .

Lose in the price and one-bedroom apartments

Cheapening trend bedroom apartments paused for four continued their decline , the maximum rose "running " one-and two-bedroom apartments .

Secondary housing market the highest number of sales contracts today is traditionally the cheapest economy class segment ( apartments cost $ 50-80 thousand), as well as some more in the middle price segment - $ 80-95 thousand and interest saved on the flat business class homes in the city center and under 10 years in the most popular areas.

In January, according to SV Development, in the capital was concluded 522 purchase and sale of second homes , which is 36 % less than the number of transactions in December.

Often bought two-bedroom apartments

The greatest demand among buyers in January 2014 used two-bedroom apartments , the purchase of which accounted for about 47 % of transactions ( for one-bedroom - 40 % of transactions , while the demand for two bedroom and more - 13%).

While 58 % of all transactions in Kiev accounts for the purchase of apartments costing up to $ 100 thousand , 23 % in the price range of 100 to 200 thousand dollars and 19% - in the category of over 200 thousand dollars.


The following month, the company predicts a gradual increase in the number of transactions to the level of 800-900 . Traditionally, the greatest demand will be two-bedroom apartments , which have about 45-46 % of all transactions , 41-42 % will take one-bedroom apartments and 12-14 % will be objects with three rooms or more.

If we talk about the average cost per square meter of secondary housing in Kyiv then it will be $ 1895/kv . m A one-bedroom apartment in the capital can be purchased for $ 60-62 thousand

" According to our forecasts , the maximum number of deals ( 57-59 %) will be recorded in the segment to $ 100 thousand , 22-24 % in the price range from $ 100 thousand to $ 200 thousand and 18-20% - in the category of over $ 200 thousand " - sums up the marketing specialist SV Development Sergey Kostecki .
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