What is duplex?

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At the suburban real estate market now and then there are new names. If the words "cottage" and "town house" Ukrainian consumer is accustomed to something "tvinhausy", "duplex", "leynhausy" and other times surprising. But the client bite the bait, because badly wants to be out of town at least a small house and a piece of land in the bargain.

Duplex - a kind of a country house, which consists of two isolated, spacious apartments, each of which adjoins a small plot of land.
Flats maximum in the duplex are isolated from each other. Common to both apartments is just one wall.

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Typically, they are common and all communication systems of apartments and engineering, but may be independent.
Duplex, as a kind of suburban real estate, appeared in our country not so long ago. Duplexes replaced multifamily townhouses and have already won their niche, because they have a number of significant advantages.
Unlike townhouses eliminated all the negative aspects of living in an apartment building. A lack of "side" of apartments allows you to design an apartment in the duplex as close to the cottage.
Duplex in their layout and quality of living closest to the cottage type of suburban real estate. But with a clear advantage in price.
Duplex chooses the one who appreciates the comfort of a city apartment and the privacy of the cottage; relatives, who want to live close by, but not together.
Duplex - this is a very convenient form of housing for a family of several generations. The older generation lives in the same apartment, and a young family - in another. To achieve such freedom and independence of the two-generation family in the cottage can not.
A small piece of land adjacent to each duplex apartment will provide an opportunity to create a beautiful flower garden, but will deter attempts older generation plant of its "useful" plants and prevent the danger of serving the labor conscription younger family members.
According to Victor Kovalenko, the site of the 12 duplexes, the largest number mentioned in the Kiev region (5) with an average price of 1 sq.m -1362 dollars. The lowest price recorded in the Sumy region -570 dol. / M

On mother-in-all under one roof
Realtors joke: say, from an apartment in a duplex should not refuse, if it is offered as a present mother-in-law or mother in law. Their strife is more than be offset by the convenience and comfort.

"Duplex - a house with two separate apartments - tells Victor Kovalenko, the director of consulting company" RealEkspo. - But at the same time, the language does not turn a village called a duplex house, which is due to some circumstances of life divided between relatives. New Format - intermediate between a cottage and a separate apartment.

Of course, if you do not use the hammer and the anvil, the second family dwelling behind a wall you can not hear. Thick wall in a duplex, with excellent noise isolation. Most often, buildings are erected average - from 400 to 600 square meters. m, ie at 200-300 "squares" for each duplex hozyaina.Po interior layout is no different from a separate cottage this footage. With regard to land area, it ranges from 6 to 10 hectare.

In a short period of a new type of housing occupied a niche in the market, allowing the city to move those people who dreams about her own garden and would like to have a spacious home town of the class. Yes, and for developers building two sections are convenient in several ways. On a small plot of land is much more profitable "sit" semi-detached houses than detached houses.

According to the portal www.zagorodna.com, as at 15 October, at the base, there are 12 towns in which premuschestvennym type of real estate are duplexes.

According to director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko, the largest number of towns with duplexes are located in the Kiev region. We are recited five boroughs.

Average cost of 1 sq. km. m in a duplex in Ukraine on October 15, 1265 amounts to U.S. dollars.
Minimum cost ($ 500 / m) observed in a newly built town in the sum, and maximum ($ 2000 / m) recorded in the constructed settlement "Konyk" on the outskirts of Kiev. "

More Victor Kovalenko said that "the greatest number of duplexes available in 3 towns Obukhov direction. The average cost of 1 sq. m in duplexes Kievsoy area on October 15, 1075 equals dollars.
The minimum price of 800 dollars per sq ft recorded in the town of "Lake" Vasilkovskaja area, and the maximum - in a small town "Country Quarter" (1200 U.S. $ / sq ft). "

House in an alley
In the literal translation from English leynhaus - "house in the alley." "The format leynhaus the same type of semi-detached housing, as well as townhouse, - notes Victor Kovalenko. - This is a "hired by" a single series at home. In the "ranks" can be three, four, five sections.

In the short term leynhausy may be one of the main ways the diversity typical suburban development. Any leynhaus, unlike townhouse has its own individually decorated facade. The number of front "splash" on each section is not limited. On the one hand, it all depends on imagination and experience of the architect, on the other - from the taste and finances of the customer. This "trick" allows the settlement does not lose its brightness and attractiveness, and at the same time be comfortable. Semi-Detached leynhausy more like urban housing, but the talent of the architect to avoid dreary cliches of typical building.
An example of such a development would be cottage "Tale" being built in Kiev.

The total area of a single section can be from 350 to 500 square meters. m with 6.10 acres of land, while townhouses count starts from 120 m and average houses adjoining plot equals 1.5 weave. Although again the architects own point of view on this matter: "The total area of leynhausah should be in the range from 120 to 250 square meters. m, which is the most rational and beneficial for the buyer and seller. On the one hand, it is accessible to the middle class. On the other - to build the house blocked a large area makes no sense. Because housing immediately raises the price that gives the buyer a reason to think: is not it better for the same price to buy a cottage? "

As for the liquidity of this size and profitability of the construction of such settlements, to talk about it is early. After selling the first batch should go through years 7-10. It was during this period of the first owners will be able to determine how useful and reliable leynhausy.

Surrounded by open space
Recently, in Europe and overseas fashion appeared to build several homes around some small public space. This type of construction is called a cluster, and the house - directly to the clusters.
"The main purpose of the cluster construction is that by maximizing the sealing of houses and household buildings remains virtually untouched wilderness - explains Natalia Chukaeva, director of marketing analysis of the management company" Scale ". - All this beauty as it is passed into general usage and is used for recreation, walking, playing sports. For the sake of the pleasure of homeowners willing to put up with a tiny portion which moves in their personal use. "

As a rule, separate buildings grouped around a public land. "Forms of this space are very different. This may be a common area, which "look" main entrance of several houses. And the beautiful lawn, planted with ornamental shrubs and flowers, and a small street, and even a dead end, where kids and adults will feel in complete safety and comfort. " In short, the cluster idea is that the facades of all houses converted to a common public area, while the rear with a small courtyard and the entrance to the garage serves as a performance area.

According to experts, the cluster group is most often combined from 4 to 6 dwelling units. Square houses within 220-350 square meters. m with a double garage. Houses adjoining areas from 2 to 6 hectare. And the optimum size of the inner area, around which are built at home, can not be less than 16-20 m in diameter. This is enough to build a diverse landscape of "things" - fountains, flowerbeds, uncomplicated children's rides.

Something similar to the cluster construction is expected in a country village Vitro Country, that a hundred kilometers on Mozhayskoe highway. From the central alley otpochkuyutsya narrow little streets. Their end will serve as a common area, around which will be built on 4 houses.

Especially popular clusters can be mega-projects, when under the settlements of allotment of land area from one hundred to several thousand hectares. The theory is confirmed by practice.

Clusters not only benefit the buyer, but the developer. Client, acquiring one of the clusters, significantly saving on the amount of land. And the developer does not lose out. Instead of a luxury cottage, he sits on a small platform a few buildings.
Victor Kovalenko
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