What influences the cost of renting country houses

18.05.2008 00:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | What influences the cost of renting country houses The farther away from the capital, the cost of houses below. The main criterion which affects the cost of the cottage is its remoteness from the capital. It is also important and the local scenery, the presence of forests, rivers or lakes, as well as direct access roads. Therefore, the most expensive and demanded are cottages near Kiev, Obukhov, Vyshgorod and Kiev Svyatoshinsky areas.
The average price reached 07.03 thousand dollars. At 2-3 thousand dollars cheaper rental houses in Vasilkovskaya Borodyansky and Borispol district. No less picturesque nature in Fastovsky, Yagotinsky and Makarovskyy areas, but due to their remoteness from Kiev (70 kilometers) Price Cottage falls 4-5 times - up to 1 thousand dollars a month. The demand for housing in these areas is quite low because of quality housing in these areas is not enough.

If you are going to rent a cottage, a mandatory self-check as to whether it is the conditions which you promised at the agency. A landlord often underestimates the age of the buildings, re-evaluates the quality of repair, forgets to indicate the lack of warm water. That's why real estate agents do not advise clients to rent houses, rental costs are less than 2 thousand dollars a month.

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"We are often faced with a situation where we are offered a home with all amenities. These we can offer our customers, but when they come to the cottage, we are faced with a situation where the description does not match the originally filed information" - explains the situation Eleanor realtor Company "A new format, which has been selling and renting private homes.

Based on the strong demand for houses, their owners prefer long-term lease. That's why rent a cottage for just one month is quite problematic, especially in the most popular months of the year - from May to September.

"The customer will save 1-2 thousand dollars if you will rent a house for a year, but not for 3-4 months during the peak summer period," - says the manager of estate agent properties "new format".


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