What brings global real estate market in 2016 the first year?

03.01.2016 00:15
Real Estate Market Analysis | What brings global real estate market in 2016 the first year? Forewarned is forearmed. This popular expression great many areas, including, and the real estate market. Where to wait for price increases, and where and why the decline, the market some countries to pay close attention to where to invest for the long and short term? All these questions are much easier to answer when you know what the market development industry experts expect in the coming year ... Lyudmila Shabanin, New Estate, Bulgaria

"The downward trend in prices for Bulgarian resorts will continue in 2016. Due to the difficult economic situation, the Russians become the most active buyers, with which they have been for many years, in active sellers. The main actors will be the same as in the last months of the year, the citizens of Poland and Ukraine.

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On the market are starting to come back buyers from the UK. Already, there are likely to be a number of transactions with the citizens of Israel, Germany, Greece, Romania. We hope that the Russians have not fully abandoned the Bulgarian property market, and in 2016, the year of the transaction will be committed to the buyers from Russia. "

Polina Stoykov, Bulgarian Properties, Bulgaria

"We expect that the real estate market in Bulgaria and will continue to grow in 2016. In Sofia and other major cities in the country will increase sales volumes and prices by about 4-7%.

Demand will focus mainly on the Sofia and large cities. But, at the same time, the objects in the ski resorts will attract more and more interest on the part of both Bulgarian and foreign buyers. It is likely that demand will increase and sea resorts due to the recovery of the Russian interest. And with it will increase and interest on the part of the customers of different nationalities.

In 2016, more and more will become noticeable share of demand, aimed at the acquisition of real estate for investment purposes. Confidence in the Bulgarian market is recovering not only locally, but also internationally. Even today, much the emergence of new foreign investors. "

Vadim Dolmenidis, Greece Invest, Greece

"Downward trend in the property market in Greece in 2016 will continue, but the rate of decline in prices will not exceed 5%. Save and trend of the past few years, an increasing demand for investment property.

In such turbulent times, many investors are looking for profitable opportunities for investment and real estate cheapened up to a limit of Greece will attract more foreign investors. Moreover, despite the political instability and a significant drop in the number of tourists from Russia, the total tourist flow to Greece yet again in 2015 showed steady growth.

Do not forget about the program and the issuance of residence permits for property owners in Greece, which is one of the most affordable in Europe. And recently to existing preferences have been added to the parents residence permit property owners, making Greece more attractive country for immigration or simply for those wishing to obtain the right of free movement in Europe. All it says about the prospect of a further increase in demand from international buyers. "

Oleg Stvolinsky, Real Estate Worldwide, Greece

"Certain regions of mainland Greece, who began to arrive in Western investment tourism infrastructure, still retain tremendous growth potential for the period from 2016 to 2018. Experts believe that the demand could rise by 80-100%, and for them crawl up and prices. Therefore, in the coming year should think about entering the Greek market, while prices have not yet returned to pre-crisis levels. "

Eric Rosenfeld, ETU Construction, Turkey

"As for next year - the Russians in the Turkish market, of course, will be much less. I believe that will increase the number of transactions with Iran. Perhaps there will be buyers from Arab countries who are actively and for a long time to buy property in Istanbul. If the political problems between Russia and Turkey will not be solved, then it may lead to lower prices on the secondary market in the traditionally popular among Russians regions, such as the Mahmutlar.

But we hope to improve relations between the governments of Turkey and Russia, and that any policy not to embroil the two friendly peoples. We are optimistic because we know that the sun, the warm sea and a fine selection of affordable housing are not going anywhere. Therefore, we convinced that next year the market will be an interesting and active. "

Elena Myers, Domovoi Management, UK

"Now it is difficult to accurately predict the dynamics of the real estate market in the UK next year. We expect a recovery in the first months of the new year. Since later come into force an additional stamp duty of 3% for the purchase of housing for rent. After April comes the traditional lull, as long as the new buyers are not adapted to additional costs. In the future, the positive economic growth in the country will be as before pushing up the real estate market. "

Alexei Smirnov, Adriatik Stroinvest, Montenegro

"Given the depreciation of the ruble against the euro to level 70, I expect a resumption of demand for the Montenegrin real estate to the level of 2008-2010."

Love Baumgertner, L & B Immobiliya, Germany

"The real estate market in Germany in 2015, we noted the continuing trend of rising prices for rental and purchase of real estate, especially vividly reflected in the large metropolitan areas. As for the structure of buyers, the Germans and the Europeans were more purchasing activity. But most Russians took a wait due to the depreciation of the ruble and the uncertain political situation.

We believe that these trends will continue in 2016. In connection with the emergence of refugees in the country, perhaps the situation with the lack of housing in major cities will become increasingly acute. And this, in turn, can lead to a strong surge in property prices and rents. "

Lucius Rusetskaya, AmberStar Luxury, Portugal

"In 2016 we expect a significant increase in customer interest in the so-called tourist real estate, particularly in Lisbon and Porto. The latter, in 2013 and 2014 was voted the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. In addition, possible serious increase foreign demand for estates in the Douro region, where Port wine is produced well-known. "

Olga Svetets, Ruski Svet, Slovenia

"Given the slight rise in investments in Slovenian real estate, since the third quarter of 2015, we expect a continuation of this trend. Of course, the factors in favor of the further growth of investments a little. From the point of view of the Russian-speaking customers, an important factor that keeps many from buying are low oil prices, and the continued growth of the euro against the national currency. "

Anna Konovalova, director of sales development Ebuyhouse sagl, Switzerland

"As for the Russian-speaking customers, there is demand in the new year depends primarily on the global political situation and sanctions. If the latter will be canceled, and the world is quiet, it has a positive impact on the real estate market in Switzerland.

Interest in the country by foreigners in 2016 will only intensify. It is expected a new wave of emigration of European intellectuals. The country remains attractive for its socio-economic stability, which in the current situation in the world's most appreciated. "

Tatiana Bally, the company Albania Service, Albania

"By the end of 2015 the real estate market in Albania was stable and even experienced a slight increase in house prices of up to 3%. This contributed to the simplification of the scheme of mortgage lending for mortgages at competitive rates.

As for the resort real estate, a ban on "betonizatsiyu" coastal areas and the issuance of new building permits at a distance of 200 m from the sea throughout Albania, introduced in 2015, can cause a shortage of housing in coastal areas. In the medium term this will also contribute to the growth of housing prices in the already commissioned complexes.

With regard to taxes, it is likely that in 2016 the country will have a tax on luxury. In Albania, under the "excesses" will be assumed ownership of two or more real estate.

Given how much attention the current government paid infrastructure and transport projects in the region in 2016-2017, each of Albanian resorts will receive additional incentives, if not to increase, then, at least, strengthen the real estate prices. The first is the completion of the fashionable promenade Lungomare in Vlora, circular bypass roads by-pass Tirana, by-pass Vlora, by-pass Fieri; commissioning of the already built airport in Kukes in northern Albania; the long-awaited start of construction of the airport at Saranda in the south and the modern yacht port in Durres and Porto Palermo.

Annual significant increase in tourist flow to Albania, low prices for the resort property (from € 450 per sq.m.), no problem of refugees and a stable political environment compared to many neighboring countries will continue to involve Albania more foreign investment. "
Svetlana Kasatkina, Exotic Property, Thailand

"In 2016, we expect an increase in demand for low-cost investment projects in the real estate value of € 60 000. In addition, because of the possibility of interest-free installments at 1.5-3 years before the end of construction, the part of foreigners will increase demand for construction projects.

It is expected to increase transactions and real estate Luxury (from € 900,000). Now developers are actively exploring the elite sector, as the development of infrastructure and improvement of services to the market attracts more and more clients with high budget and requirements.

Eugene Ratskevich, managing director of «Metropolitan Premium Properties», UAE

"The trend toward market correction will continue in 2016. I do not think much further prices can" sag ", but seasonal fluctuations between + \ - 7% remain. Since the summer of 2016 we expect a decline, but toward the end - another rise. How exactly will the rise is difficult to say, it is a lot of external factors affecting the real estate market of Dubai. City and international, for the most part, formed of immigrants from all over the world. And because of exchange rate fluctuations, the price of hydrocarbon resources, destabilization of neighboring regions, as well as the foreign policy decisions of many states strongly influence the local market.

Therefore, if we assume that the world situation will not change dramatically by the end of 2016 - beginning of 2017, we expect a gradual growth and "heating" of the market before the World Exposition in 2020. I believe 2016 will be the first revealing. Due to its cosmopolitan, as well as the highest level of personal and corporate security, Dubai will get a lot of new investors and end-users, which will consider Dubai as a place to buy real estate. "
Catherine Kholodov
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