Volume of transactions in housing in Kiev before the end of the year will increase

18.05.2011 11:29
Real Estate Market Analysis | Volume of transactions in housing in Kiev before the end of the year will increase Volume of the primary residential real estate market Zaporozhye currently stands at about 130 thousand square meters. m or 2 thousand apartments in 13 apartment complexes (excluding acquisitions), said Dmitry Pickalov, senior consultant for hotel and residential real estate consulting company UTG («Ukrainian Trade Guild").

He also noted that since 2007 the volume of the primary housing market fell by more than 35% and has now reached a level identical performance 2005-2006.
"Today, the primary market Zaporozhye month sold an average of two flats in residential complexes that continue to build. In projects where work is suspended or moving sluggishly, the transaction is minimal or absent, "said D. Pickalov.

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He also added that as of April 2011 recorded an active construction in Zaporizhzhya, seven out of 13 residential complexes.
With regard to projections of the primary market of residential real estate Zaporizhzhya, the DA Pickalov believes that in the next half a year - the year of drastic changes it is not expected. "Negligible only can grow the volume of transactions in the market. The reason for that - people's desire not to miss the opportunity and advantage to invest their savings by buying a property during a price "floor". This, as well as political and economic stabilization, followed by a recovery of the financial sector and lower mortgage rates, can heat and push the market for a new development. But it is not expected until the second half of 2012 ", - said the expert.
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