Ukrainian real estate - cheap second hand

08.09.2010 02:23
Real Estate Market Analysis | Ukrainian real estate - cheap second hand In the Ukrainian province against the missing mass housing prices are extremely low.


Ukrainian real estate is one of the cheapest in Europe. If you tilt the traditionally expensive Kiev, Crimea, Black Sea coast and a few cities millionaire then, prices Ukrainian province does not pale in comparison with the cheapest European country of Slovakia. If the provincial final cost studio apartments start at 12 thousand euros, and houses - from 15 thousand in Ukraine, then buy a full one-room apartment in a large industrial center in the east can only 6 thousand euro. Two and three bedroom apartments are estimated respectively from 10 and 18 thousand euros. Houses without amenities and natural gas cost of 2.5 thousand euros. In this house of gasified water with a total area of 50 square meters. meters can be purchased for only 4.5 thousand euros. A house in an area of 100 square meters. meters with gas and water costs an average of 12-15 thousand euros.

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General Information

On the background of such a low level of housing prices east of Ukraine has some drawbacks. First of all, we are talking about extremely low as a secondary housing market and virtually no primary. Massive construction in the Ukraine is only the rich regional centers, Kiev, Black Sea and Crimea. In other cities with a population between 500 thousand and below the new buildings are not available or are in single copies. Not without reason in the past year all over Ukraine have built only about 4 million square meters. meters of housing, in two less than in the Moscow region. It is therefore not surprising that buying housing, to avoid the secondary market is unlikely. The latter is represented by most of the five-story Khrushev or nine-paneled latest of which dated from the early nineties of last century. Against this background of success may be flat located in the Moscow apartment buildings erected, German or other foreign builders. Typically, these homes were built in single units in various arrangements of local municipalities or directorates of large enterprises.

Private sector, as well as multi-storey housing is characterized by the absence of actual buildings. Most of the houses in the eastern Ukraine, was built in 50-60 years of the last century, when industrialization took place active Donbass. However, much of the private of houses in the east, gasified, or at least, is gasified in the townships. In addition to Ukrainian farmsteads typical average size of the infield, which ranges from 8 to 15 hectare. Another feature of towns and cities east of Ukraine is a relatively good transport accessibility. A dense network of industrial causes such a highly developed network of railways. Therefore, to get to much of suburban areas in the region may be on trains or even international express trains. By the way while following the latest from Moscow to Donetsk is an average of 20 hours. To Kharkov can be reached by them for 12-16 hours. With the acquisition of private homes in the east of Ukraine is guided by the villages that are located in the basins of the Seversky Donets, and Oskol Aidar reservoir. It is on the shores of the data to develop regional water spa centers, which greatly contributes to the presence of pine forests and acceptable environment. A real gem east of Ukraine is Sviatohirsk - a town situated on the banks of the Seversky Donets River in the Donetsk region. In the village is The Holy Assumption Monastery - the second holy Lavra in Ukraine. First, as we know - Kiev-Pechersk is located in Kiev. Sviatohirsk surrounded by pine forests and oxbow lakes Seversky Donets. In the vicinity of the city there are many guest houses and a number of attractions. However, housing prices there are already quite high. Much more advantageous to buy property in the small resort town of Slavyansk Donetsk region. Ditto for eco-tourism are promising places near New Aydar Luhansk region.

Property Acquisition
Speaking about the acquisition of real estate can not help noting the virtual absence of a mortgage in the Ukraine. The latter is so expensive that it regarded as a serious tool for real estate acquisition is unlikely anyone will. The average cost of a mortgage loan starts from an average of 23% per annum. And even at such rates as such loans are granted only 10-15 banks in the country, which negatively affects the level of demand and economic activity. However, lack of credit-empts the local market is soaring. Against this backdrop, the market itself is east of Ukraine is characterized by extremely low-information support, lack of price indexes and how a distinct regional price surveys. Average transaction costs in the regional real estate agency can reach 20% of the value of the object itself. So the author of these lines, buying a house for 5 thousand dollars was to lay out about a thousand dollars to design various kinds of securities. Sources wishing to remain anonymous reported that the real income of the agencies processing the transaction amounts to an average of $ 250. Everything else goes to the payment of various notary fees, services, BTI, etc. Against this background, a particularly difficult issue is the privatization of land. The latter may be delayed up to a year or more. The result is that realtors are not advised to purchase homes on land that had not been privatized. However, all that exists is a breeze against the backdrop of a catastrophic plight of the Ukrainians themselves. Against the backdrop of low wages ($ 200-300) is actually twice the appreciated dollar did not allow residents of the country benefit from lower prices. The latter is not looking at reducing the cost remains unaffordable for most residents of Ukraine.

Based on the facts above, it is worth noting that the low cost of Ukrainian real estate is due entirely objective reasons for eliminating the fact that the current level of prices will be much moved by upward. Meanwhile, Ukrainian housing more attractive and accessible to foreign than domestic investors.
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