Trends in the Russian market of suburban real estate

28.07.2010 17:28
Real Estate Market Analysis | Trends in the Russian market of suburban real estate At the suburban real estate market - the revival, found its participants. New projects are scarce, but the old developers already thawing

System-tack "has signed a loan agreement with VTB Bank to finance the first phase of construction of an elite cottage settlement on Rublyovo-Uspensky highway between the towns Gorki-8 and Landscape (10-17 km from Moscow). The initial five-year limit on the loan amount to 3,2 billion rubles. Attractive cottage village on 61 hectares will consist of 150 villas with a total area of about 130,000 square meters. m

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This project "Sistema-Hals acquired in autumn 2007, a famous lawyer Dmitry Jakubowski for 3.781 billion rubles. At the same time the company announces the launch of the project and plans by 2011 to complete it. "Last fall, the company has changed management as soon as it adopted a new concept that has been approved and funding the first phase of its realization", - conveyed through the press service of the President " Sistema-Hals Andrei Nesterenko. Report, at what price will sell the house in it, a company representative declined.

As a rough estimate "Vedomosti" (excluding interest and cost of land), the cost of the mansion in the settlement exceeds 21 million rubles. Their price for buyers will be more than $ 2 million, believes Vladimir Yakhontov, managing partner at MIEL - Residential Real Estate. According to him, ready to shelter in a westerly direction before now. It was in this segment of homes worth $ 1,5-2 million a shortage of quality housing, said Michael Pavluchenkov, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GC "Gross-invest. People can buy a house for the money, according to him, in Moscow a lot - up to 10 thousand families.

Many of the projects that were built before the crisis, remain frozen or sold very slowly, says Timur Saifutdinov, managing director of the Department of Residential Real Estate Blackwood. 80% of the new proposal, he said, remain the settlements offered for sale of land without a contract. With new projects, almost no one enters the market, confirms Dzagurov George, CEO of Penny Lane Realty. «Vedomosti managed to find only one new project: Villagio Estate (part of the" Incom ") has begun to build an elite of 160 homes between Riga and New Rublevsky highway. It is only fitting-frozen objects, notes Yakhontov: "Miel" resumed work on Barvikha, intensified work in the village. Ilyinka, completing the construction of the third stage of the settlement. Krona at Novorizhskoye highway from MDM-Bank.

Saifutdinov calls the main problem contradiction of expectations: retailers do not want to sell items cheaper, buyers are still waiting for discounts - as a result of low purchasing activity does not allow the market to develop further.

"Return to the crisis was at least 40%, and now - 15-20% - said Yakhontov. - But to invest only those who have already invested in the project, and for them, these projects will be particularly low-margin ". Venture with new projects Pavluchenkov calls risky: "While there is no real economic growth, and by the time of completion of the project developers can expect as a success or failure." But Yakhontov sure that in 2011-2012. market run short and Sistema-Hals will come with sales just at the peak demand.

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