Trends in suburban season is not pleased with buyers

28.09.2010 11:43
Real Estate Market Analysis | Trends in suburban season is not pleased with buyers Interest in the countryside homes and sites, not only has not disappeared in St. Petersburg this summer, but judging by the number of queries customers about the data offered by objects and viewing, even increased. At the same time, increased demand by 5-10% did not lead to a significant increase in the number of actual transactions.

With regard to the weighted average price, then it is reduced mainly due to launch on the market for new projects with lower price offers. Crisis trend remains and sales engineers trained sites without requiring a contract.

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As was made at the Civil Housing Forum, 75% of buyers suburban real estate is now a prerequisite in the selection of the object pose the existence of a reservoir a high degree of accessibility. As stressed by the head of the country real estate, Academy of Sciences "Progal Ludmila Yushin, today's customer has become very demanding and selective.

Often, he looks the same object several times during the two or three months before a final decision on a purchase. Demand at home recently built 3 to 5 million rubles, decorated by all the rules documents. But sold only those objects which are exhibited at the fair price.

With the contract and without
In the Leningrad region built annually by about 250 - 300 different cottage communities, the general director of the Academy of Sciences "Vector" Sergei Schigorets at the conference "The land market in the current economic conditions", which was held under the Civil housing forum.

According to others on the market of cottage villages Saint-Petersburg and Leningrad region in the sale are 195 projects. Approximately 70 sites are located at a distance of not more than 1,5 - 2 km from the water.

It is a complex near the Gulf of Finland and Lakes of Karelian Isthmus. However, the location near the water surface increases the cost of land at times. Discount under certain conditions can be obtained in any cottage, and not only at 100 percent payment facility. Specials, Hire and gifts is almost everywhere.

But the average price decrease is mainly due to the market launch of new projects with lower price offers, but you can not always understand, due to what it's done. Prices rivernye sites with utilities and access to the bay or lake starts from 250 rubles. for a hundred, but it's just a rare minimum up-front costs.

Where prices are lower
About half of the cottage complex sale plots as a construction contract, and without it, and more than 50 complexes, as stated cottage, generally sell only the land without a contract. It is very possible that the townships, where there are only sold plots for construction, soon you can not even be called a cottage, since they would be indistinguishable from well-known gardening.

However, such proposals to the well-known reasons - high prices, lack of funds from buyers and the associated forced neprityazatelnosti - are in demand by city dwellers. Their drawback: the price of such sites often do not include services for connecting utilities. And how much can cost design of various permits and approvals, it's frightening to think about.

According to Deputy Director of the Consulting Centre "St. Petersburg real estate Olga Troshevo today the leader on the proposal of new projects is Vsevolozhsk district. However, a new impetus to market entry projects in less desirable areas gave the ring road, close to potential buyers with a little prosperity previously inaccessible populations. While there are cheaper prices.

That the bank usually requires a down payment to make more than the urban real estate lending, have not the trouble. Now the main requirement for homes in a cottage village is its location on the lands of the settlements, the availability of utilities and prepared legal documents. There is also lending to the private construction, which serves as a key piece of land. According to VTB-24, for the year 2010 to them has received few applications for mortgage loans buying a home ...
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