Trends in secondary real estate market of Ukraine

02.11.2010 14:41
Trends in secondary real estate market of Ukraine Resale continues to get cheaper. And it seems that this trend will continue until at least mid-2011.

Autumn has returned home buyers the opportunity to bargain with the seller 15% of the declared price.

Buy an apartment in Kiev in early November, is worth an average of 2% less than a month ago. According to the Association of Realtors of Ukraine (SSNU), today the average bid price of secondary housing in Moscow is $ 1900 per 1 m2.

This is roughly four times greater than the minimum level for the past 10 years (was marked at the end of 2000 - early 2001). And about one and a half times less than the maximum award in late 2007 - early 2008.

First Vice-President Igor SSNU Odnopozov notes that sellers who hoped to sell the flats fall more expensive, and not waiting for enhancing demand. And so began to cut prices. In addition, buyers are actively traded, and the difference between the bid and the real deal once again reaches 15%.

According to the forecasts of Realtors, falling prices will continue. Allegedly, the population has no money to move the market with a "dead" point. Lending is also not a panacea. Take credit for the purchase of housing, there is little anyone can afford - the stakes are high: 22 - 26% annually in local currency. Most banks give loans only if their own initial assessment of the borrower from 40 - 50% of the purchase price.

In addition, bankers impose extremely stringent requirements on the borrower's solvency. As a result, according to realtors, in Kiev on loan was bought only 2% of the apartments. Total number of dwellings sold in the secondary market of the capital from January to September 2010, according to consulting company SV Development, was 7,178 apartments.
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