Trends in secondary real estate market 2011

09.02.2011 11:33
Real Estate Market Analysis | Trends in secondary real estate market 2011 Identify the main trends in the real estate market today is possible only on those rare deals that did occur.

As the realtors, the land today is not for sale, new building is also in disgrace, so almost the only measure of activity is secondary housing. "Today, actually live only a secondary market - a relatively lively. If there are parallels with two-three years ago, then of course there is absolutely no activity - he lost 80 percent of activity ", - says Director of estate agency Valentin Kukurudzyak.

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According to experts, deals in 2010, there were even fewer than in 2009. Experts say that more or less active period was only the last months of the year. "Many were frightened forthcoming Housing and the Tax Code and, perhaps, concerns have intensified as the demand", - deputy director of real estate agency Oksana Anisimova.

Major deals were in the economy segment - up to 70 thousand dollars, experts say. Bargaining is usually quite acceptable and is about 10-12% of those figures who write in their ads. "And now people are looking for those vendors who today need money, they are in some debt, or a bank loan. And they are naturally inferior to the price, "- says Valentin Kukurudzyak.

Moreover, as the experts, enjoy a special preference for the amount of which does not take into account the state financial monitoring. "Up to 50,000 - that it is treated people better buy some slaughter, then add the money and make repairs - no one sees, and he bought an apartment for say 30 thousand, but there still put 20 - now he goes to 50, but does not fall under monitoring ", - says Valentin Kukurudzyak.

30000 - this is the minimum price of a typical one-room Khrushchev under repair located not in the best area. Prices for doubles start at 40,000 USD (A shelter on the first and last floors). Two-bedroom apartments have come and over 42 thousand. However, in the case of atypical old housing prices may be lower. "The lowest price was fixed at 21 thousand - studio, one bedroom - 27 thousand, three bedroom, if I'm not mistaken, somewhere in 34,000.

This is mainly in Moldavanka "- says Oksana Anisimova. However, she says, interest in such housing are low - apartments in old buildings are considered to be illiquid. Today's buyers are interested in not only price, but also the subsequent fate of their property. "People even if they are buying, fear suddenly have to sell it, to be her just as easily sell" - says Oksana Anisimova.

Another factor that influenced the decrease in activity - to change the rules of registration of sale of real estate. Thus, journalists say that for some time now they have no right to conduct the transaction unless the contract specified the price is significantly below market. In practice, more than half of the clients of notary offices they want to save on income tax. Sometimes the naked eye, it is clear that participants in the transaction reported figure does not correspond to reality. "For example, two-bedroom apartment in the heart of the city - the carrying value of the apartments 23,465 hryvnia. The seller and buyer by agreement of the notary asked to specify in the contract precisely this value that is specified in the Bureau of Technical Inventory, "- says the case from my own practice private notary Ludmila Guryanov.

Such contracts are notaries refuse to register. They did not advise the property owner to avoid paying taxes and selling square footage at a lower price. After all, if the transaction for any reason is terminated, the seller will get back the amount that was specified in the documents. But such cases have already happened.

Somewhere in the north

Chernigov. The history of this regional center in northern Ukraine has more than a thousand years, but the construction boom experienced Chernigov in the middle of last century, since more than half the housing stock in the city - it Khrushchevki. Not surprisingly, this type of real estate became the leader in sales last year. The main advantage of such malometrazhnyh flats - it's low price, because the excess profits residents 300000th City can not boast. "People come to us mostly by those who want to buy a home for life. These are people who do not have very much money. And the trend is that by the end of the year prices fell, "- says the director of Chernigov estate agency Alexander Panasyuk.

Reduction amounted to about $ 30-40 per square meter, which is almost 10% of the cost. In general, the year 2010 for the Chernigov Realtors a year of stabilization. Despite the fact that the number of transactions has not increased, sales have been constant, and the end of the year even featured a traditional increase in activity. One customer accounted for 5.6 vendors. And they had a good chance to conduct a transaction, unless it went on sale in large rooms. And in Chernigov is all that has an area of more than 50 squares. "We have a paradox: 2-bedroom apartment can cost 27-30 thousand, and 4-bedroom apartment can cost 40-45 thousand", - said Alexander Panasyuk.

Chernigov Realtors recently faced pereborchivostyu buyers who are now looking for housing more thoughtful and weighed. As a result, first appeared in the difference in the cost of similar dwellings located in the center and periphery. Chernigov - a compact city, the area is 11 times less than Kiev, so the earlier value of the square does not depend on the area. Now, the spread in price between the center and the border can reach 60-70 dollars per square meter. "Here is the situation - the stagnation in the market - it basically good for us because we understood that and how much it costs, how it should be. We started counting the money, we have learned to economize, we have something to take into account ", - says Alexander Panasyuk.

Another major requirement of Chernigov buyers - repair. In memory of Realtors still fresh memories of those times when buyers said sellers, they say, "me your repair is not needed, collect it with you." Now even wealthy customers will not buy an apartment without a "cosmetic". About the cost of housing, probably, as elsewhere in Chernigov to this day remains the sellers who dream of a pre-crisis prices. "Here people come in:" Help me! ". "How to help?" I wanted to sell her apartment for 300,000. But not sold. So help me now. " "But what I help you? Give you money? Over 300,000 we will not sell it now "- describes the case of Alexander Panasyuk practice.

Information on the sale of a one-room Khrushchev in the center of Chernigov for 26 thousand dollars sometimes omits the Shrew sellers from heaven to earth. Many have understood - the old prices will be gone. But realtors do not exclude the further reduction and stabilization of home prices. "If last year came on the stability of transactions (they are not private, but stable), then perhaps this year we will come to some sort of stable prices. Prices will stop because it's not very big dip was, given what we are accustomed to ", - says Alexander Panasyuk.

According to the forecasts of experts of Chernigov, stabilization of prices in the secondary real estate in Chernigov come no earlier than autumn 2011.

Perpetuum Stabile

In 2011, Rabbit forecasters promise happiness and success throughout the world. However, the real estate market players do not share their joy, believing that the entry into force of the new Codes: Taxation of Housing, not the best way to affect demand. "The laws of course affect the market. Perhaps the market will fall into torpor for a while. And then people learn all this and continue to look for housing, buy housing, expand - the same as before ", - predicts the deputy director of real estate agency Oksana Anisimova. "As we promised our politicians and state leaders:" Guys, we get used to it, a year or two and you be satisfied and will continue to live peacefully and be all right, and we will have a good pension fund, and generally we will soon enter the European Union "- ironically the director of real estate agency Valentin Kukurudzyak.

However, realtors are looking at the situation more pragmatically, because the front - the entry into force of the real estate tax and increase in utility rates. All these factors can destabilize the situation in real estate and change the value of apartments in the secondary market. "I think that will happen soon, even some decline. Well, let's take this: we were promised more than 150 kilowatts - a different rate for electricity "- reminds Valentin Kukurudzyak. "Prices will probably continue to fall - I guess that somewhere 1-2% per month. But again, this applies to real estate illiquid, "- says Oksana Anisimova.

Depreciate in the first place, will be home premium and business class - that is, the apartments are larger than one hundred square meters. A fall in the price of predicting the old fund. True, there may be exceptions. "Everything depends on the area. If you take the old fund Deribasovskoy, it is unlikely he will lose heavily in the price - there is only a place that is called, the person pays - says Oksana Anisimova.

Not everything is smooth and notaries. The fact is that since the new year changed the rules for computing the tax to the sale of real estate, which is now determined by the appraised value. True, by whom and in what order the objects will be evaluated, it is not clear - the government promised to solve the problem somehow later. "Center of real estate valuation is likely to be created at the time when it is put into effect the registry registration" rechovih rights neruhome lane and obtyazhen neruhomogo lane. And the roster will be put into effect from 1 January 2012 ", - says Lyudmila Guryanova private notary.

However, no mechanism to enforce laws already difficult job market. Notaries have to work the old-fashioned - Guided by data from the BTI, which indicated the carrying value of the property. At the same time, experts fear that even after the rules are spelled out, the bureaucracy would complicate the lives of those who buys or sells real estate. "Harder, increase the number of documents to clients, an individual will need to provide a notary for the transaction" - adds Ludmila Guryanov.

Improve clarity of language can in laws and fairness of the parties at the time of the transactions and the ease with paperwork. Experts firmly: It is with these simple rules to begin recovery of the Ukrainian market of real estate.
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