Trends in real estate markets in Europe in 2013

29.12.2013 00:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | Trends in real estate markets in Europe in 2013 By the end of 2013, experts have identified 10 key trends in real estate markets in Europe. Price fluctuations, "visa gold" construction booms, sales palaces and castles, and much more going on in Europe in the past year.
First of all , the markets in different countries have developed unevenly around real estate rose in price and become cheaper somewhere . Housing prices in Bulgaria have stabilized , while in Spain they fall only slightly slowed.

Germany has become a leader in the growth of real estate prices in the EU and Estonia - in the Baltics. Croatia joined the EU and introduced visas for Russians , and neighboring Montenegro tried to make a breakthrough in the construction and development of tourist infrastructure on the coast, experts summarize portal

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While more and more countries introduced " gold visa " for buyers of expensive real estate in Latvia has been a debate about the need to limit the number of residence permits granted . To supplement the budget , in addition to the "golden visas " Southern European countries had a sellout of state property , while dwarf Monaco and Andorra do not even feel the effects of the crisis .

Real estate in the south of Europe fell in the north - has risen . In 2013, failed to reverse the trend of previous years : in some countries, the property continued to fall in price , and in others there was a growth in prices. It is noteworthy that the first characteristic of the southern European countries , and the second - for the north and Turkey .
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