Townhouses near Kiev in demand

21.09.2012 09:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | Townhouses near Kiev in demand Over the last year the share of townhouses in the supply structure of the market cottage in Kiev and the region increased by 10%. According to the director of consulting company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko, this is due to the fact that customers and developers have changed their attitude to this segment of the market. According to the portal suburban property, currently on the market in the sale of more than 50 villages of townhouses, and given the villages where townhouse is part of the building, then this number, you can add another 30 projects. Of these, 35 villages built, nine are under construction, and 6 are designed, but in all construction projects on hold. Analysts from "RealEkspo" also indicate that the range of proposals to expand with the introduction Detached townhouse in the suburbs of Kiev.

Experts point out that a few years ago townhouses not very popular with customers: they preferred more traditional cottages, houses or plots without a contract. As a result, part of the developers focused more on settlements with more marketable real estate.

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Gradually, however, many customers have come to realize that the town house is an adequate alternative to a city apartment in the fresh air. In parallel, there was a reassessment of the situation and environment developers who originally saw in townhouses luxury housing. However, buyers in this segment prefer, though more expensive, but some houses with plots. Thus, developers have started to offer this segment of the real estate at more affordable prices. Currently, the minimum price of the Kiev region have built townhouse in a small area Belogorodka Kiev Svyatoshinsky area (from 476 USD. / Sq.m.) The maximum price of a "square" is equal to $ 2,000 in-built town "Green Guy" in Lisnyky Obukhov district.

Experts "RealEkspo" previously interviewed buyers townhouses. According to realtors, customers are important factors such as the distance of the object from Kiev, accessibility, cost of utilities, the infrastructure of the village, including children, the availability of recreational facilities near the village, social environment and architecture, as well as the opportunity permits.
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