Townhouses in the market of cottage construction in Kiev are leading

14.01.2018 00:00
Real Estate Market Analysis | Townhouses in the market of cottage construction in Kiev are leading As of 01/01/2018, according to the portal of the suburban real estate in Kiev, there were 40 cottage settlements, which is 9 projects more than at the end of 2016. These are 2 projects; 15 towns being built; 23 constructed town. Construction in 5 towns is suspended. This is 2 more towns than last year.
According to the type of real estate, the priority is for townhouses (25 settlements). They are followed by cottages (13 towns) and villas in 2 towns.

According to the director of the consulting company RealEkspo Viktor Kovalenko, "small townhouse projects in the form of separate houses or several houses with townhouses came to the market of cottage construction in Kiev. Developers and developers in this situation do not have "long" money to build large-scale projects. "

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Of the nine new projects, 8 projects are building small towns with townhouses from 4 to 20 and only 1 project is a small town with cottages on Osokorki.

Areas under the new building are small: from 10 hectare to 1 hectare.
The adjacent sites to the townhouses are also small: from 0.5 to 3 acres.

The area of ​​townhouses in new projects ranges from 107 square meters in economy class and reaches 350 square meters in the elite class. These are three-level townhouses with their own elevator and separate entrance.

As for the cost in the cottage settlements of Kiev, then it, according to Victor Kovalenko, "heavily crushed built cottage townships."

As of 01/01/2018, the average cost in the cottage towns of Kiev was 35741 UAH / sq. M, compared with 34378 UAH / sq. M in December 2016, ie during the year the "square" increased by 1363 UAH . or 4.0%.

According to Victor Kovalenko, "on the market of Kiev came townhouses with a minimum cost of 15830 UAH / sq.m on the street. Dobrobutna in the Solomensky district and a maximum cost of 72,260 UAH / sq.m on Dokuchaevsky lane in the Solomensky district. "

Number of cottage towns by districts of Kiev

Kiev district     Number of towns
Holosiivskyi     10
Darnitskiy       7
Desnyanskiy    4
Dnieprovsky    1
Obolonsky      4
Pechersky      3
Podolsky        3
Svyatoshinsky 1
Solomensky    5
Shevchenkovskiy 2

Victor Kovalenko
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