Townhouses gaining popularity

10.12.2010 13:16
Real Estate Market Analysis | Townhouses gaining popularity Number of transactions in the market townhouses this year has increased by 15-25% compared to pre-crisis period. An increase in price will bring emerging trends to nothing, experts say.

A small activation on suburban real estate market has revealed a new trend. Buyers are increasingly interested in the twin homes - townhouses. "If we talk about our company, from the beginning of this year, we sold four townhouses and for the whole last - one in 2008 - three - tells the PR-manager of" trajectory "Daria Druzhchenko. According to her more and more customers become family. Typically, the money to purchase townhouse rescue from the sale of three-, four-room apartments in Kiev.

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Experts attribute the increasing popularity of townhouses with their cheaper. According to consulting company "RealEkspo" during the crisis the price of townhouses fell by 20-50% up to $ 800-1300 per 1 square meter depending on location. Thus, today the villa can be purchased for $ 100-120 thousand, which is 20% cheaper than the cottage. Before the crisis, because of Ukrainian specifics of the situation was reversed. Originally townhouses positioned as a segment of economy-class housing, the maximum value of which shall not exceed the pre-crisis prices of $ 300 thousand, however, the inexperience of local developers (such as townhouses were built more than 250 square meters) has led to the rise in the cost of this type of suburban real estate. Townhouse was forced to compete with detached cottages. As a result, the main advantage of such homes - value for the area - was leveled out. "Lowering the price to explain everything. Townhouse - this housing economy class, and we have money there was to them as a business and elite objects", - said the head of analytical department of AMC Booster Alexander Podolyanko.

Pros and cons of townhouse

According to the company "RealEkspo" only in Kiev and the region in 1941 townhouse. In the capital, they are located in the finished cottage towns: "The Family", "Diplomat", "Gibbs ponds. In the townhouses are presented in these towns: "Zadok the cherry", "Green Guy", "Romanov", "Three Rivers", "Pinery".

Due to limited space, which is located townhouse, its planning structure has a vertical vector of development. The most economically sound area - from 120 to 200 square meters. m. The first floor has a living room, kitchen, dining and utility rooms, and bedrooms, children's and office are located on the second and third floors. Also on the ground floor entrance hall, lounge, boiler room and other technical facilities. As a rule, there is a garage.

Director of marketing for Aurora Development Natalia Dolgov said that town house - is still a fundamentally new type of real estate for the Ukrainian and, especially, Kyiv suburban real estate market. "The very type of object can be called an advantage:
- It is something the average, the alternative between an ordinary urban apartment (where the dusty, crowded and noisy) and the country house (which has its own private area, fresh air and silence);
- The main advantage in terms of moral goods - is the acquisition of suburban life style;
- Location in clean areas;
- Relatively closely spaced to the city (high accessibility), the privacy of home, "- she said. In providing comfort plays a role and existence of its own local area, a separate entrance to the apartment. The townhouse is possible arrangement, both in terms of harmonization and installation of life support systems of the building more easily than in an apartment building. Also a plus is the presence of the garage.

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Among the disadvantages of this type of real estate experts have identified a limited level of privacy. "Townhouse is still headquartered in semi-detached house, so full privacy when purchasing it is impossible to obtain. In any case, are neighbors on the side. And when buying a holiday home - cottage - a high level of privacy, along with a good environment - is one of the main motives for buying "- says Ms. Dolgov. Located in organized townships, townhouses are generally subject to the general architectural appearance and planning decisions. Your choices today are not particularly large. Is that when buying a site with the contract, and it is necessary to shake down the nuances of the design with future neighbors. Not encouraging, and building materials, as in the construction of taunhusa guided by the cheapness rather than quality. Change of building materials would rise in m, which will lead to the loss of the main advantages of townhomes - affordability.

Development projections

Revitalization of the suburban real estate market still minimal. Experts hope that autumn is traditionally the number of transactions increase. They found it difficult to clearly predict the fate of the market townhouses. First, much depends on the real estate market in Kiev. Many buyers expect prices to increase urban housing in order to sell their apartments more expensive. Given that rural property going up slower than the city, shoppers can buy a townhouse or a larger area to invest the money yet to be repaired. Much depends on the developers themselves. Now there is a steady interest in this type of suburban real estate, but the term exposure is on average about two to three months. Often, developers offer discounts or payment by installments, which boosts demand, but over time from similar concessions builders refuse, which will lead to a slight decrease in demand. There is nothing wrong when the market is at its peak, but the current situation like frugality can lead to the return of stagnation. "Any rise in price: latent or apparent now detrimental to the market demand for townhouses. A year and a half, it will be possible to raise prices, but today it is too early," - concludes Mr. Podolyanko.
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