Townhouse, cottage or еlling?

14.09.2010 10:09
Real Estate Market Analysis | Townhouse, cottage or еlling?


At the suburban real estate market coexist peacefully with each other several kinds of properties that differ from each other. In this article, director of consulting company "RelEkspo" Victor Kovalenko characterizes the distinctive features of these types and price options with respect to the predominance of a particular type of real estate in the cottage of Ukraine.

In the portal There are 543 cottage town premuschestvennymi They are different types of real estate: 27 villas, 12 duplexes and 113 townhouses, 5 slipways and 386 cottages.
The most expensive - "square" in the villas 3120 dollars, in Cottage 1261dollar in duplexes -1272 dollars, in townhouses -1141 dollar, the boathouse - 917 dollars.


Типы недвижимости в коттеджных городках Украины

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Townhouse - this building in two or three stories interlock with similar buildings on two sides and has its own entrance.
Townhouse - a combination of urban apartments and suburban homes. It is a complex of low-rise comfortable cottages with separate entrances, which are combined with each other and the sidewalls have their own plots of land the size of 1-4 weave.
A variety of townhouse are - two buildings, standing side by side, or "duplex" - twin house two owners. Two-piece townhouses - it is duplexes.

Usually townhouses are two-, three-, five-and vosmisektsionnymi. Townhouse may have several floors, but it sure would be the wall, in common with neighbors. A great addition to the home of the new format is a small piece of land adjacent to each building. Neighbors townhouse owner will see, but taking into account the area of your own home and the size of neighboring homes, this closeness will not be as close as the landing apartment building.

Стоимость 1 кв.м в коттеджных городках Украины


Due to limited space, which is located townhouse, its planning structure develops, and has a vertical vector of development. The most economically sound area townhouse from 120 to 200 square meters. m. The planning scheme of our traditional townhouses. The first floor living space has a living room, kitchen, dining and utility rooms, and bedrooms, a nursery, office located on the second and third floors. Also on the ground floor entrance hall, lounge, boiler room and other technical facilities. Typically, there is also a garage for parking.
In Ukraine, townhouses are usually in a suburban area that has a positive impact on the availability podezdnyh ways and utilities (centralized water supply, sewerage, gas)
The main advantage tuanhausov, compared with separate cottages, is to minimize the cost of land. Under section size townhouse in the axes of 10 x 10 m plot requires 10h30 m (3 CM), for a detached house with all the regulatory breaks for firefighters and other claims - no less than 5 hectare (saves 30-40%)
Also, the savings achieved through economies of laying communications. Namely: if you build up the communications system to several sections in the same house, but not to each individual structure, it means it will take approximately four times less. (Save 50% when calculating the 4 townhouse)
Even with decentralized laying water and sewage at least you save on the device artesian wells, setting up of no more than two sections of a group of townhouses (saves about 50%)
Also important fact reduce heat loss by Walling almost 2 times, and accordingly, the savings in heating buildings (which in recent years become a significant factor). Do not forget about the cost of construction materials during the construction of walls, because one wall of the four is common to the two sections (saving about 20% only on the wall materials)
Distinguishing characteristics of the types of country real estate
(RealEkspo, March 2010)
Sign Flat Cottage Townhouse
Location In the city, outside the city Outside the city (up to 50 km from the city) In town and country, usually not more than 10 km.)
Area From 25 sq From 150 sq ft From 100 sq
Number of storeys Usually 1, maximum 2 levels 2-4 floors (including basement) 2-4 floors (including sometimes several underground)
Parking Total underground or surface parking, and sometimes not at all Private garage or carport for 1-2 m / m Own garage, usually at 1 m / m
Supply and Communications Central Heat - autonomous (boiler). Communication can be individual and small-town Heat - autonomous (boiler). Communication is usually central to the whole village
Land No There are, of 6 hectare. In the villages - from 10-12 hectare There is a 1-4 weave in the property. In the cities - in the lease.
Neighbours 1-2-4 flat on the floor. Usually there are neighbors on the upper and lower floors (if not the first nor the last floor) In the neighboring houses The neighbors can only be right or left. In the corner - only for one wall
Login Total access to all apartments Individual Individual
Non-residential area for which you have to pay
Corridor, kitchen, balconies, and / y Over the entire area Over the entire area
Ecology City. Depends on the area Country Country
Infrastructure If the house with the infrastructure - have the bare necessities: a children's playground, health club, beauty salon, shops, security. If not - the entire infrastructure in the area  If not in the village - the infrastructure in nearby towns. In the village - may be all that is necessary, including sports fields, beaches, schools and kindergartens  Usually built in the villages, even if they are in town, so often all the necessary infrastructure is there. (Unless, of course, not talking about the heart of the city) 


Flat in town house is perfect for people who wish to avoid the hassles of the metropolis, but have no desire or financial ability to buy a separate house outside the city. This is convenient, comfortable and economical type of housing for middle and high class.
Because the land occupied by a single "flat" in the town house, substantially less than that required for individual cottages, it reduces the cost of construction. In addition to savings from reduced land for the cost of communication - the final cost of their supply to three or four semi-detached cottages are lower than a separate standing. And finally, much less required materials (by, for example, common walls).
Domestic market townhouses divided into two major segments: suburban and urban. Pricing and trends in each of them is totally different, and perhaps the only thing that unites them - the very notion of "town house".
Optimal parameters townhouse. Cost townhouse must not exceed $ 250 thousand. Maximum area of townhouses shall not exceed 250 square meters. m. According to accepted international standards, the total area townhouse economy class is 100-150 square meters. m, business class - 150-200 square meters. m, and the elite class - 200-250 square meters. m
Townhouse - prices in the market town real estate
According to Victor Kovalenko, in the portal There are 113 townhouses in the cottage. The greatest number of townhouses in the Kiev region -41. Average price of 1 sq.m in townhouse in the Kiev region - in 1312 dollars., Expensive only in the Crimea and Odessa region (1417 and 1908 dol. / m, respectively).
The lowest price recorded in the townhouse in Lugansk (500 dol. / m), the highest (average) -1972 dol. / sq-in Kyiv.

Типы недвижимости в коттеджных городках Киевской области

Villa (villa - country or country house) - a luxurious country house in the Italian style, usually on the shore of the warm sea. To decorate the houses typically use marble rotunda, columns and frescoes.
From the cottage is different in that it can contain a swimming pool, guest rooms and serve as a venue for parties. In addition, if the cottage is middle class housing, the houses tend to acquire the property tycoons. Accordingly, service houses requires special supervision by qualified personnel. In this regard, the villa is close to the palace, but differs from it informally: there is no electron halls.
Usually villa protivopostavletsya castle as a place of rest fortified hideout. Appearing in ancient Rome villas give way to the castle in the Middle Ages.
The first houses appeared in ancient Rome, and they refer to any country house. As the imperial villa was converted into an analog cottages - country house for the holidays: farmland on the farm area have given way to parks. Thus was born the phenomenon of "Roman villa. A special feature of the villa was the fact that she was not "family nest". The villa owners have lived her for a while in the year.
Since 19 century, became known as villas in comfortable private house, surrounded by a garden or park, located in the best areas of the city, in suburbs, in kurornyh field, simply beautiful corners luxurious nature.
In the 20 century villa - it is any comfort isolated country house, designed for one family. Talking about a specific style of buildings is not necessary, because when sroitelstve each owner is based primarily on their own tastes and preferences.
This is primarily the size of the house (not less than 200 square meters. M), spacious garage, usually on multiple machines, swimming pool, barbecue area, observation platforms.
According to Victor Kovalenko, the 27 villas from the base site 10 largest in the Crimea (12) and the Kiev area (10). Superiority of the cost in Kiev -4250 dol. / m, the second place with the cost of Crimea 3768 dol. / m

Стоимость 1 кв.м в коттеджных городках Киевской области

Elling - a two-or three-story boat garage. On the first floor of the boat, yacht - anything that can walk on the sea. And on the upper floors of living - a rest that the boat owners (or their guests).
Elling may be converted for residential purposes, which are cottages in miniature. Owners slipways used them as hotels for those wishing to spend a family vacation at the shore of the Black Sea. The fact that the boathouses often located directly on the beach, so the fans to rest under a slight rustle of the surf can get lasting impression of their stay at the dock.
Elling is usually well equipped - consist of 2-3-rooms for 2-3 persons with all amenities (TV, refrigerator, air conditioner, bathroom with shower), plus a hallway and kitchen. As an additional convenience to the boathouse may attend a sauna, fireplace, kitchen-dining room, a place for the car. Typically, one of the rooms has a balcony from which spectacular sea view. Nearby there is everything necessary for a good rest - shops, cafes, restaurants, public transport. Elling protected, have a car park.
All boathouses under the base site are in the Crimea (5). Average cost of 1 sq.m in dock -917 dol. / m

Duplex - a kind of a country house, which consists of two isolated,
spacious apartments, each of which adjoins a small plot of land.
Apartments in the duplex as separate as possible from each other. Common to both apartments is only one wall.
Usually, are common and all communications and engineering systems apartments, but can be independent.

Duplex, as a kind of suburban real estate, appeared in our country not so long ago. Duplexes replaced multifamily and townhouses have already won their niche, because they have a number of significant advantages.
In contrast, townhouses, excluding all the negative aspects of living in an apartment house. A lack of "side" of apartments allows you to design an apartment in the duplex as close to the cottage.
Duplex in its planning and quality of accommodation is the closest to the cottage country real estate form. But with a clear advantage in price.
Duplex chooses someone who appreciates the comfort and privacy of a city apartment cottage; relatives wishing to live near, but not together.
Duplex - this is a very convenient form of housing for a family of several generations. The older generation is living in one apartment, a young family - in another. To achieve such freedom and independence of the two generations of the family in the cottage will not.
A small piece of land adjacent to each duplex apartment will provide an opportunity to create a beautiful flower, but cut short the attempts of the older generation to plant it "useful" plants, and prevent the danger of serving the labor conscription younger family members.
According to Victor Kovalenko, the 12 duplexes site, the most noted in the Kiev region (5) with an average price of 1 sq.m -1362 dollars. The lowest price recorded in the Sumy region -570 dol. / m

Cottage in cottage settlement
Cottage (English cottage, originally - farmhouse), individual single-family dwelling house (urban or rural), where there is a small plot of land. C. There are mainly two-storey with internal staircase: Originating in England in the late 16 - early 17 centuries., K. became a traditional type of English homes. K. widespread as in other European countries (mainly in Scandinavia) and the U.S..

Housing estates in Ukraine - a residential complexes, stored in a single architectural style, with good transport accessibility, safe accommodation, modern utilities, the optimal number of houses or town houses and developed a complete infrastructure.
Ability to be closer to nature, outdoors, do not limit yourself to the walls of city apartments, to live away from the endless noise gassy streets metropolis - this is what can give buying a country cottage or a townhouse.
The village - a traditional way of suburban life in the presence of modern technology, it is comfort of the city and the magic of nature.
Accommodation in the cottage is not only not inferior to urban apartments on the level of comfort, but often surpass them.
One cottage village is different from other parts of his situation, concept, idea creation, project houses, availability of infrastructure, contingent residents. There is a closed club village, cottage settlement for the middle class, as well as the cottage village economy class.
Club cottage settlement - this is an elite of wealthy people, where only a few homes, usually with large areas. Club cottage villages are located on the most prestigious areas close to metropolitan areas. In addition, through the club cottage village necessarily the idea of its creation, which are oriented and builders and buyers.
In the cottage-secondary or economy class is constructed, usually from 100 to 500 houses of different size with small and medium-sized plots of land. All cottages in a cottage village have a unified architectural appearance and more densely adjoin to each other.
Recently, in economy class there is a tendency of building a cottage village with townhouses, that multi-level houses on several hosts.
Housing estates are mainly economy class is not the most prestigious areas.

But it is worth remembering that the choice of country cottages is significantly different from the choice of a city apartment. If you choose an apartment in your area depends on the layout and parameters of the apartment, the choice of a country house is inseparable from a cottage village. There are important: planning a cottage village, the location of the cottage in the framework of the settlement, convenience of access roads and distance from the road, the presence or at least provided the necessary infrastructure facilities. All these parameters can be assessed only on the site, please visit the cottage village. But, considering that today in Ukraine is more than 500 cottage villages, to visit and evaluate all - an impossible task. To do this we have created our country real estate portal
According to the director of the company "RealEkspo" Victor Kovalenko, of 386 houses, 192 are located in the Kiev region, followed by Crimea (51), third in Odessa Oblast (45).
The most expensive is a "square" in the cottages Crimea -2657 dollars.
In the literal translation from English leynhaus - "the house in an alley. "In format leynhaus the same type of interlock housing, as well as townhouses. This is a "molded" into a single series at home. In the "file" can be three, four, and five sections. "(As in town" Fairy Tale "in Kiev).
In the short term leynhausy may become one of the main ways the diversity of typical suburban development. Any leynhaus, in contrast to the townhouse has its own individually decorated facade. The number of facade "splash" on each section is not limited. On the one hand, everything depends on imagination and experience of the architect, on the other - from the taste and finances of the customer. This "trick" allows the settlement does not lose its brightness and attractiveness and at the same time be comfortable. Semi-Detached leynhausy more like urban housing, but the talent of the architect to avoid the dreary cliches model building.
The total area of a separate section may be from 350 to 500 square meters. m at 6-10 hundred parts of land, while the townhouses countdown starts from 120 m and the average plot near the house is equal to 1,5 weave. We architect Alexey Ivanov own point of view on this question: "The total area of leynhausah should be between 120 to 250 square meters. m, which is the most rational and beneficial for the buyer and the seller. On the one hand, available for the middle class. On the other - to build the house blocked a larger area does not make sense. For accommodation there and then rises in the price, that gives the buyer a reason to think: is not it better for the same price to buy a cottage? "
Viktor Kovalenko

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